David Essex stars in UK Premiere of The Dishwashers

Theatre NewsDavid Essex is to return to the stage to appear in the UK premiere of Canadian playwright Morris Panych’s The Dishwashers, with performances commencing at Brimingham Repertory Theatre on 31st January and running through to 15th February 2014.

The Dishwashers will then tour Newcastle, Richmond, Bromley, Malvern, Brighton, Nottingham and Cambridge.
The play will be directed by Nikolai Foster, and co-star Rik Makarem and Andrew Jarvis.

“A delicious play about the Zen of dishwashing!”
When young Emmett (Makarem) was a high flyer in the City he was a customer in an upmarket restaurant but now, thanks to a recent reversal in his fortunes, he’s starting a new career there – as a dishwasher.   Alongside his new colleagues, dominant self-appointed leader, Dressler (Essex), who’s been happily scraping and scrubbing for over 30 years, and the decrepit Moss (Jarvis) who’s about ready for retirement, Emmett attacks the endless supply of crockery that descends from above.

For tickets and further information for Birmingham, contact the box office on 0121 236 4455 or visit www.birmingham-rep.co.uk


Thursday 9th January 2014

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