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Theatre in 2019 was a vibrant and diverse landscape, with London’s West End leading the charge in world-class productions, Off West End venues pushing creative boundaries, and touring productions bringing exceptional performances to audiences across the UK. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival continued to be a highlight, showcasing a wide array of talent and innovation.

London’s West End: A Blend of Classics and New Hits

The West End remained a global theatrical powerhouse in 2019, delighting audiences with its mix of enduring classics and exciting new shows. Timeless productions like “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Les Misérables,” and “The Lion King” continued to draw large crowds with their spectacular staging and unforgettable music. These stalwarts of the West End demonstrated the staying power of well-loved stories and masterful productions.

Meanwhile, contemporary hits such as “Hamilton” and “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” continued to redefine the theatrical experience with their inventive storytelling and impressive production values. New arrivals like “Dear Evan Hansen” and “Come From Away” brought fresh narratives and innovative staging techniques, appealing to a broad spectrum of theatre-goers.

Off West End: A Hub of Creativity and Experimentation

Off West End theatres were at the forefront of theatrical innovation in 2019. Venues such as the Donmar Warehouse, Almeida Theatre, and the Royal Court Theatre were instrumental in presenting bold, thought-provoking works. These spaces were known for their intimate settings and willingness to tackle challenging themes, offering audiences a more personal and often more intense theatrical experience.

Productions in the Off West End scene often addressed contemporary social and political issues, providing a platform for diverse voices and stories that might not find a place in larger, more commercial theatres. This focus on innovation and diversity ensured that Off West End remained a vital part of London’s cultural fabric.

Touring Productions: Theatre for the Entire Nation

Touring productions played a crucial role in making theatre accessible to audiences outside London. Companies like the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) led the way in bringing high-quality performances to regional theatres across the UK. These tours included a mix of classic plays and modern productions, ensuring that audiences nationwide could enjoy a broad range of theatrical experiences.

Technological advancements in staging and production allowed touring companies to maintain the high standards of West End shows, despite the logistical challenges of performing in different venues. This commitment to excellence ensured that regional audiences received an equally compelling and polished theatrical experience.

Edinburgh Fringe: A Celebration of Artistic Diversity

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019 continued to be a highlight of the UK’s cultural calendar. Every August, the city of Edinburgh transformed into a bustling hub of creativity, with performers from around the world showcasing their talents. The Fringe offered an unparalleled range of performances, from theatre and comedy to dance and experimental art.

The festival’s open-access policy meant that anyone with a story to tell could participate, resulting in an eclectic mix of performances that ranged from the polished and professional to the raw and experimental. This diversity and inclusivity made the Edinburgh Fringe a unique and essential part of the global arts scene.


Theatre in 2019 was marked by a rich and dynamic landscape that catered to a wide array of tastes and preferences. London’s West End dazzled with a blend of timeless classics and innovative new productions, Off West End theatres championed creative experimentation and diverse storytelling, and touring productions brought exceptional theatre to audiences across the UK. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival remained a pinnacle of artistic expression and creativity, celebrating the rich diversity of the performing arts. Together, these elements created a vibrant and multifaceted theatrical scene that continued to captivate and inspire audiences throughout the year.

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