News, Reviews & Interviews January 2021

Here are the highlights in theatre across London’s West End, Off-West End, and regional venues in the UK for January 2021, presented with British elegance:

West End Highlights:

  1. “Hamilton” at Victoria Palace Theatre:
    • Lin-Manuel Miranda’s groundbreaking musical “Hamilton” continued to captivate West End audiences with its dynamic blend of hip-hop, jazz, blues, and R&B. This compelling narrative of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton remained a standout for its innovative storytelling and vibrant performances.
  2. “Les Misérables” at Sondheim Theatre:
    • The epic “Les Misérables” persisted in its run at the Sondheim Theatre, drawing crowds with its powerful tale of love, sacrifice, and rebellion. This musical masterpiece consistently enchanted audiences with its emotional depth and stunning vocal performances.
  3. “Mary Poppins” at Prince Edward Theatre:
    • “Mary Poppins,” the delightful musical featuring Zizi Strallen as the eponymous nanny, continued to charm audiences with its magical story and impressive production values. The show’s combination of heartwarming narratives and spectacular choreography ensured its place as a family favourite.
  4. “Dear Evan Hansen” at Noël Coward Theatre:
    • The profoundly touching “Dear Evan Hansen” offered a deep dive into issues of mental health and the adolescent struggle for identity. Praised for its poignant script and powerful music by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the production continued to resonate deeply with audiences.
  5. “The Phantom of the Opera” at Her Majesty’s Theatre:
    • Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera” remained an iconic fixture in the West End. The musical’s haunting score and lavish staging created an immersive experience that continued to draw theatre-goers into its tragic and romantic world.

Off-West End Highlights:

  1. “The Watsons” at Menier Chocolate Factory:
    • At the Menier Chocolate Factory, Laura Wade’s “The Watsons” played to critical acclaim, offering a unique twist on an unfinished Jane Austen novel. The play’s clever writing and innovative direction invited audiences to explore themes of fate and free will.
  2. “Endgame” at The Old Vic:
    • Samuel Beckett’s “Endgame,” performed by an exceptional cast including Alan Cumming and Daniel Radcliffe, remained a strong draw. This production’s stark and compelling interpretation of Beckett’s existential themes provided a profound theatrical experience.
  3. “Cyrano de Bergerac” at Playhouse Theatre:
    • “Cyrano de Bergerac,” starring James McAvoy, continued to impress with its modern take on the classic play. The production was noted for its energetic pace and McAvoy’s charismatic performance, which breathed new life into the timeless tale of love and valor.

Regional Theatre Highlights:

  1. “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” at Curve Theatre, Leicester:
    • The adaptation of C.S. Lewis’s “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” remained popular among regional audiences, offering a visually stunning and emotionally engaging interpretation of the beloved children’s novel.
  2. “The Book of Mormon” at Liverpool Empire:
    • The satirical “The Book of Mormon” continued its tour at the Liverpool Empire, providing uproarious entertainment with its daring humour and catchy songs. The musical’s bold approach to storytelling and critique of cultural norms kept it at the forefront of contemporary theatre.
  3. “Dial M for Murder” at Theatre Royal, Brighton:
    • “Dial M for Murder” captivated audiences with its thrilling narrative and strong performances. This classic play’s intricate plot and suspenseful atmosphere ensured its continued success on the regional circuit.
  4. “Once” at Theatre Royal, Glasgow:
    • The musical “Once,” based on the Oscar-winning film, continued to attract audiences with its heartfelt story and minimalist yet effective staging. The show’s use of actor-musicians enhanced its authentic and intimate feel.

These highlights from January 2021 illustrate the rich and diverse offerings across the UK’s theatre scene, from the high-energy productions in London’s West End to the thoughtful and engaging shows in Off-West End and regional theatres. Whether in London or further afield, theatre enthusiasts were treated to a wide array of compelling performances.

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