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Sasha Ellen: Creeps and Geeks – Underbelly Bristo Square

Not every joke landed well in this broad-ranging comedy hour which encompassed the Urban Dictionary definition of ‘creepy’, a check-in with the audience to ensure everyone knew what was meant by ‘pegging’, and Sasha Ellen being a Dungeon Master in the game Dungeons & Dragons, which I can’t comment further on as there is nothing in my frame of reference about it. Warnings Sasha (her show is so informal that its first name terms) was given as a child included avoiding having anything to do with men with vans. I’m not quite sure what relevance this had to her adult experiences, of which plenty were shared.

Sasha Ellen
Sasha Ellen

I’m not sure either what a three-and-a-half minute (Sasha’s own estimate) story about an Uber ride that went horribly wrong was really meant to achieve, given that in the end, nobody was hurt. But there wasn’t anything remotely amusing about it either, and I found myself waiting for a punchline – in a stand-up comedy show, mind you – that never came. In yet another scenario, ‘Gary’ is the only man in a yoga class, and finds himself trying to make it explicitly clear that he is not one of the ‘creeps’ of the show’s title.

Sasha Ellen has a warm and welcoming personality, though this show would have benefited from covering less ground but in greater depth. That said, some examples of creepy behaviour from the audience gave her own experiences further authenticity, and Sasha is to be commended for providing a safe space for such stories to be shared.

3 Star Review

Review by Chris Omaweng

Why can’t men and women be on the same team? Is it because of men with vans called Barry?
Is it because of killer sex robots, or is it because of sambuca? Or all of the above?
Sasha Ellen (BBC Radio 4 Extra, Leicester Comedy Festival Best New Show Nominee 2022) takes a hilarious journey into unsafe spaces, encountering prosecco pests, level 9 healers and strangely sexy quiz masters.
On a standard girls night out, with an equal amount of larks and perils, Sasha is all to aware of the hazards women take for granted and decides that shrugging them off isn’t good enough.

Sasha Ellen: Creeps and Geeks
Underbelly Bristo Square

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