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Interview with Daniel Goode from the cast of Alice in Winterland

Alice in WinterlandAlice in Winterland opens at the Rose Theatre Kingston on 15th December 2017 and plays over Christmas and into 2018.

Based on Lewis Carroll’s timeless works Alice Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, the production follows Alice on her quest to save Winterland, a world of ice and imagination, of mad hatters and cruel queens, curious cats and strong-minded dodos, a frozen world inhabited by the mysterious Bandersnatch and the terrible Jabberwock, where only the most intrepid of girls can make the impossible seem possible…

The show brings together professional actors with the Rose Theatre Youth. Daniel Goode, who plays the Mad Hatter/Father took time out from rehearsals to chat about the production.

Q: What attracted you to be a part of this production?
Daniel: A number of things to be honest: I was in the Rose Theatre’s first Christmas show in 2008, A Christmas Carol, and through various plays there over the last nine years the theatre has stayed very close to my heart. When Ciaran McConville – the adapter and director – contacted me about it in the summer I didn’t really have to think twice.

Daniel Goode
Daniel Goode

I get to work with Ciaran McConville, Eamonn O’Dwyer and Lyndall Grant again, and I can tell you, working with these three is a joy. The Rose forges the careers of our actors of the future by making its youth theatre an essential part of the Christmas show. I started out in a youth theatre at the Plymouth Theatre Royal and it was the
best start imaginable. Finally, I can cycle to work.

Q: Can you tell us about Alice in Winterland?
Daniel: This is a really original take on Alice in Wonderland. I am not sure how much I can reveal, but in essence, Alice is escaping a world of chaos and family tragedy into ‘Winterland’ as we are calling it, and her search for herself in this magical place is colourful and witty and moving. All the characters are there, so although this is a very original adaptation, it maintains the spirit of the original.

Q: You play the role of the Mad Hatter – can you describe him and how he fits into the storyline?
Daniel: The Hatter in this show is mad as his name suggests, and he is proving to be somewhat manic! He is also a speaker of truth in his more lucid moments and definitely courageous.
In this adaptation, he is very much Alice’s ally in this topsy-turvy land, along with his chums the Dormouse and the Hare and besides with Alice and the more magical creatures in Winterland he fights for justice and a better world.

Q: What is at the heart of the show?
Daniel: The heart of the show is a teenage girl facing challenges, the main one being Alice finding herself and becoming an adult. The journey through Winterland is a search for her own unique voice in the world and all the mad characters around her, and the situations she finds herself in, helps her to do just that.

Q; Why should everyone get along to see Alice in Winterland?
Daniel: Alice in Winterland retains, very much, the spirit of Lewis’s Carroll’s iconic books: it is fun and irreverent and silly and touching. What more could one ask of a Christmas show? It also contains the Rose Theatre’s fabulous youth theatre, five professional actors, gorgeous music, amazing fights, big dance routines, beautiful costumes and a stunning set … I think it promises to be a lovely show.


Daniel Goode plays Father/Mad Hatter. Theatre credits include The Second Mrs Tanqueray, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, A Christmas Carol, Treasure Island (Rose Theatre Kingston), The Misanthrope (Liverpool Playhouse), Chicago (Cambridge Theatre), The Taming of the Shrew, The Phoenician Women, Julius Caesar (RSC), Noel & Gertie (Salisbury Playhouse), Hamlet (UK tour, New Ambassadors Theatre & international tour) and Alice in Wonderland (Guildford Shakespeare Company). Film credits include The Redistributors, Another Life, Shadowlands, Queen’s Evidence, Gateway to Heaven and Catflap.

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole and discover a magical world of wonders in this spectacular new stage adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s timeless books, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Featuring gorgeous music and strikingly imaginative designs, puppetry and projections, Alice in Winterland is brought to life on the Rose stage by a talented cast of over 30 actors.

Alice has been brought up to believe in wonder, but life takes an unexpected turn when she is sent to live with her stern auntie… until she is visited by a White Rabbit who propels her on a quest to save Winterland, a magical world of ice and imagination, of mad hatters and cruel queens. A frozen world inhabited by the mysterious Bandersnatch and the terrible Jabberwock, where only the bravest of girls can make the impossible seem possible…

The production features professional actors alongside members of the Rose Youth Theatre.

Alice in Winterland
Thu 7 December 2017 – Sun 7 January 2018


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