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Riotous solo grotesque bouffon show Ouroboros at Theatre N16

OUROBOROSOuroboros, written and performed by Charlotte Fox (Ecole Jacques Lecoq), is a riotous new solo play that satirises the disturbing consequences of today’s growing culture of narcissism, ego, overconsumption and the extremes we go to in order to look and feel good.

Charlotte is both amused by the manipulation pedalled by many self-proclaimed wellness gurus, and yet also complicit in the culture that surrounds it. Utilizing her high aptitude for physical comedy, clown and grotesque bouffon, Fox holds up a distorting mirror to reflect the glamour, seduction, salesmanship, terror and deceit of the charlatans who inhabit the world of “wellness”.

She comments: “I created Ouroboros for audiences to see the impact of a society dominated by superficiality, commercialism, ego mania, selfies and Instagram culture. We consume waves of information about the realities of others and our own expectations for living have become distorted. I am all too aware of how psychologically damaging and anxiety-inducing these experiences can be.”

Inspired by Charlotte’s own experiences of growing up and as a dancer facing pressure from both teachers and peers to look and eat a certain way, this high-energy piece of theatre tells a story which will resonate with many people today.

Ouroboros is a chaotic solo show in which a parade of grotesque and darkly comic characters are caught in a comedic catastrophe of egomania, thinspiration, selfie-seminars and vegans who vogue. Through the lens of this distorted reality we meet a young actress struggling to survive in this fiercely competitive world. Where superfoods are devoured with religious devotion, and you’re only ever as popular as your latest Instagram post, can you handle the pressure? Or will you be consumed?

Writer and Performer Charlotte Fox
Devisers Charlotte Fox and Amy Hendry
Performance Dates October 12th 2017 – October 14th 2017, 9.30pm
Running Time 60 mins
Venue Theatre N16, The Bedford Pub, 77 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9HD


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