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32 Peak Street at Tristan Bates Theatre | Camden Fringe

32 Peak Street - Photo by Aeveen Barghi
32 Peak Street – Photo by Aeveen Barghi

As I sat in the small and cosy auditorium of probably around 30 people in the Tristan Bates Theatre to watch 32 Peak Street, I was intrigued by the very simple but dark stage set. There were a few splashes of colour. In fact, yellow flowers on top of the piano and a green file, is all that I remember, in terms of colour. The lighting was simple too but effectively used in setting and changing the mood, during the play.

So there I was ready to watch 32 Peak Street. A story about a young couple, (Jessie and Susan) who were very much in love. They resembled what I would imagine being the ideal couple. They were excited that they had found their perfect home, a beautiful house… 32 Peak Street.

Susan closed her eyes and visualised her potential future in this perfect home, possibly a beautiful daughter named Juliet playing the saxophone. If only it was that simple!

In order for her ideal home to be purchased, a deposit must be paid to the estate agents. This is where all the fun begins. Jesse needed more time to gather up the funds for the deposit. Like in many plays you might expect a bubbly and lively character to bring spice and fun to the play. This production was no exception. Jesse’s friend Keiran was there to fulfil this role.

Keiran is played by Alvin Ikenwe, who brought energy and excitement to the stage. Susan, played by Jackie Macatiag was very comfortable with her own body. Her expressions of love towards Jessie came across as sincere and genuine. Jessie was played by Martin O-Whyte. Martin complemented Jessie, a great couple, with great energy. Corey Bovell played Jamie, the estate agent, who avoids Susan to cover Jessie’s secret. Corey Bovell plays the role very well.

All in all, the cast were amazing, energy oozed out of each character and they worked well together. I’d say they were the perfect cast. I was absorbed in this one hour play, there was great music, exciting use of changing accents and non-verbal representations of tugging and pulling in a relationship.

I thoroughly enjoyed this play and would highly recommend it. This is a play full of energy, emotion and is a great laugh!

4 stars

Review by Shaidi Ramsurrun

“How much does the truth cost?”
32 Peak Street is the hottest property on the market, catching the attention of Jesse and Susan. Susan spots a brilliant deal for the house and brings partner Jesse along to the negotiations. Jesse realises he needs more time to fund the deposit and comes up with a secret plan with the help of his zany friend Kieran, with potentially damaging results.

Jesse Martin O-Whyte
Susan Jackie Macatiag
Jamie Corey Bovell
Kieran Alvin Ikenwe

Director TD Moyo
Producer Corey Bovell
Writer Corey Bovell
Co-Producer Jordan Mitchell
Production Assistant Omar Ahmed

31st July – 4th August 2018
Run Time: 1 hour


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