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Snow White: Vienna Festival Ballet Company – Review

Snow White - Vienna Festival Ballet As the Vienna Festival Ballet Company begin a nationwide tour, I went along to the Wyllyotts Theatre to see their version of the classic tale Snow White. If you are looking for first-class family entertainment, then look no further.

The story of Snow White is one that we are all familiar with – most of us have seen it presented as a pantomime and/or an animated film. But seeing this classic fairy tale come to life in the form of a ballet has to be the most enjoyable and spectacular way of viewing it.

In this version, the Queen is obsessed with her own beauty and gazes into the enchanted mirror every day, which informs her that she is the fairest of them all.

One evening a party is being held at the castle for the Queen, and as she is dancing with the Huntsman, who I suspect the Queen has an eye for, in dances the beautiful Snow White. The Queen is full of envy so she instructs the Huntsman to kill Snow White with a crossbow, which he cannot bring himself to do.

The Queen decides to mix a lethal potion and whilst she is doing so the routine and the costumes worn by the dancers tell us that the potion she drops the apple into will be deadly.
The tale is not a tragic one as in true fairy tale fashion love conquers all and they all live happily ever after.

The highlight for me was The Seven Dwarfs, their choreography was both original and amusing.

How can children and adults alike follow the story line? Do we have narration? No, it is not necessary, as every scene in this production is so well presented with costumes and dance that there is no need for narration – the story tells itself.

Whether you are a fan of ballet or would like to see it for the first time, I highly recommend Vienna Festival Ballet’s version of Snow White. Oh! I have hardly mentioned the dancing. It is excellent.

5 Star Rating

Review by Johnny Tait

Join Vienna Festival Ballet on a magical journey with their unmissable production of Snow White. World premiere choreography propels this timeless fairytale and answers the question; who is the fairest one of all? Based on the traditional Grimm brothers’ story, this ballet incorporates all the important elements a beautiful girl, an enchanted mirror, a poisoned apple. Hip-hopping dwarves help Snow White find her Prince Charming. This spellbinding ballet promises to entertain and dazzle the whole family.

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  1. Vienna Festival Ballet – Snow White, Colwyn Bay – fantastic costumes, amazing performance and wonderful dancers. One of my little 4yr old students sat in amazement at this evenings performance. Thanks guys another fantastic evening.

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