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Prince Charming at Little Angel Theatre | Review

Prince CharmingPrince Charming is a cute puppet, who wears a red hat, has little white balls for eyes and wears green Y Fronts. Poor Prince Charming has all the worries and anxieties of the world on his little shoulders. The pressures of being Prince Charming, fighting dragons, saving the castle is way too much for this little puppet. As a result, Prince Charming has not left the castle, bedroom or even his bed for over three months. Ewww, he has been in those pants for three months, my little boy tells me.

This play is Prince Charming’s journey of overcoming his anxieties and worries. He tackles scary dark rooms, flashing lights, dangerous quicksand, and the list went on. Giulia Innocenti, his fairy Godmother is there to help. She is quite a funny and interesting character. She captures the audience’s attention and there are lots and lots of giggles. It is obvious that the children and adults in the audience enjoy this play.

Nix Wood, the puppeteer has a very strong and beautiful voice, who puppeteers very well. She makes full use of the stage, in fact, the whole theatre including the auditorium is utilised to its maximum, this play is not restricted to the stage. As an audience we watch different scenes, sometimes, we are watching the beach set on the stage and then suddenly we are part of the play as we sit under beautiful glowing stars.

Writer Jenny Worton, together with the creative team and performers have put together an exceptional production in portraying a serious subject in a fun and lighted-hearted way, without overshadowing it with a dark cloud. But as I walked out of the auditorium, as an adult, I was left with the thought of how many children had such anxieties and worries weighing down on their tiny shoulders.

Overall, this is a delightful play that is targeted at children and for those in the audience, it made them all feel very special.

4 stars

Review by Shaidi Ramsurran

Fine today… can’t get out of bed tomorrow. That was three months ago. I’ve been in these pants ever since.
It’s a lot of pressure being Prince Charming. There’s all those dragons to fight and kingdoms to save, not to mention being charming all the time. It’s enough to make anyone a little worried.

Holed up in his bed, Prince Charming is making a list of his worries – from being struck by lightning or getting stuck in quicksand to the problem of his unfortunate name. Somebody needs to come to our Prince’s rescue.

This new musical is funny, endearing and suitable for anyone who’s ever felt a bit anxious.

Performed by Giulia Innocenti & Nix Wood
Written by Jenny Worton
Directed & Designed by Ross MacKay
Composed by Tom Gray
Associate Director / Dramaturg Lu Kemp
Tech Director Finn den Hertog
Lighting Designed by Sherry Coenen
Lyrics by Jenny Worton & Tom Gray
Puppet made by Emma Brierley
Stage Managed by Millie Jones

Prince Charming is aimed at ages 6 – 11.

A Little Angel Theatre and Perth Theatre at Horsecross Arts co-production
Fri 8 February – Sun 7 April 2019


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