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Review of Chickenshed’s Snow White

Chickenshed's Snow WhiteChickenshed presents Snow White, the most swinging Christmas show around.

This is not the traditional Snow White story as we know it or expect it to be, remember there is no ‘seven dwarfs’ in the title. If you are taking young children, it may be worth just having a quiet word with them, to explain this is a slightly different version of Snow White – although there is a red juicy apple, a mirror on the wall and a stepmother.

The show started with Stepmother Jane de Villiers (Sarah Connolly) seated in her chair, accompanied by her various modern gadgets, including Alexa. She remembered the past and with that, the story began. The costumes were suitably fitting for a Christmassy production. There were glitzy tops, colourful bright yellow tights worn by Snow White and a stepmother who wore her designer silvery sparkling glamourous dress.

The stage set was well designed and complemented the costumes. It could have easily been for a West End production. The lighting and backdrop brought another dimension to the set.

Chickenshed is an inclusive theatre, that provides a safe platform for all abilities to perform and participate in shows – Cara McNanny has a lovely strong singing voice, which easily compensated for any weaker ones. Ashley Driver played the mirror and he did it with such charisma that I watched in awe – Sarah Connolly who played the stepmother played it very well. One could almost feel and see the wickedness in every bone of hers. She did look very mean and horrible! There was a cast of over 200 members, so it is not possible to describe them all, but what I can say is that they brought diversity and excitement to the stage.

A brilliant production, that brought a traditional story to life with a twist. A show not to be missed.

4 stars

Review by Shaidi Ramsurran

Roll up, roll up for a magical new musical version of a familiar tale – a mammoth production guaranteed to fill the festive period with heart-warming cheer.

Set in a colourful 1960s world where traditional roles are changing fast, what better place for a modern Snow White to ‘find’ herself – in all senses of the word?

An unbelievably huge cast of all ages, a stunning original score and with an upbeat message of how anyone can get to choose the ending of their own story – well, why would you go anywhere else?

Cast and creatives:
Snow White : Cara McInanny
Father: Jonny Morton
Stepmother Jane de Villiers: Sarah Connolly
Jason – Security Guard: Nathaniel Leigertwood
Bobby the Buster: Will Laurence
Downer : Sarah Jones
Mirror: Ashley Driver

Director: Lou Stein
Assistant Director: Belinda McGuirk
Choreography: Belinda McGuirk, Dina Williams
Music: Dave Carey
Vocal Delivery: Fiona Carey
Production Manager: Zeeta Jacobs
Wardrobe: Emma Gale

Chickenshed Theatre, Chase Side, Southgate, London N14 4PE
Wednesday 27 November 2019 – Saturday 11 January 2020

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