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William Andrews: Willy directed by Hamish MacDougall at Soho Theatre

William Andrews: WillyWilliam Andrews is back at the Soho Theatre with his new show Willy. His last show at the Soho Theatre was 9 years ago and a lot of stuff has happened to him and around him since then, stuff that William feels we ought to know. Life-enhancing stuff? No! Funny? Yes, Oh YES, OH YES! Just go! It’s only running for a few days, blink and you’ll miss it – so my advice is to go and get a ticket now, you don’t even need to read my review – take my word it was brilliant! you’ll leave the venue happy.

Arriving at the performance space, William is already on stage, poised with mic, wearing bright yellow trainers and a bread bag on his head and a straw tucked behind his ear, looking like a microphone. Weird? Yes, unashamedly weird? Oh yes. William greets his audience as we come in and take our seats. He introduces himself and an hour of laugh-out-loud, belly-wrenching laughter from the audience follows.

William’s musings are about the human condition, more specifically musing surrounding his condition, his and his family’s condition. He touches on some fantastic taboo areas including; the killing of pets, faeces, feeling shamed by fellow parents, karaoke, children’s medicine, how to be a dad, the insecurities and f*cked up mentality of those who choose to perform as well as a brilliant segment about a dog on a motorway.

Wow! After leaving the show I thought to myself, I haven’t laughed like that for a long time, my + 1 agreed with me. Both of us spent the show laughing and looking knowingly at each other, nodding our heads and laughing some more.

Need cheering up? Go and see the show, want a good laugh? Go and see the show, want a yellow pin badge saying WILLY, go and see the show…

5 Star Rating

Review by Faye Stockley

Have you ever had a day where you speak to no-one, until you are not even sure how you talk? Well, it’s been like that for William, but instead of a day, it was nine years.

After a huge sabbatical and a mighty return to the Fringe last summer, William Andrews Is back at the Soho Theater to carry on where he left off. His show is about finding his feet and his voice again. It’s something like a self-portrait, daftly creative with canny surprises, this cult idiot is wholeheartedly embracing the Willy he always was.

William Andrews: Willy
10 – 13 April 2019
Soho Upstairs
Soho Theatre, 21 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 3NE


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