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Cream Pie at Camden People’s Theatre

Cream PieCream Pie, which played at the Camden People’s Theatre as part of the feminist theatre festival Calm Down, Dear 2015, is about porn. Moreover, it’s about the unstoppable, ferocious porn industry that exists to fuel our every desire. As one of the many verbatim interview segments revealed: ‘if you can have sex on it, in it, or with it, there is porn about it.’ CrossLine Theatre have devised a response to the insatiable 21st century porn machine, and ask more questions than provide answers, generating much thought-provoking discussion in the bar afterwards about a supposedly taboo subject. What do women want from porn? What is feminist porn? What are the dangers associated with porn?

Using documentary-style verbatim monologues alongside hilarious, stereotypical porn scene re-enactments (complete with banana, cream, whip, blow-up doll…you get the idea), Kara Chamberlain and Natalia Knowlton have deftly weaved together a smorgasbord of stories, opinions, insight, and satire to amuse, titillate, and challenge.

Confident, bold, and unassuming, this one-off scratch production bravely tackles a traditionally private, taboo issue (that of sexual fantasy and desire), and in bringing this subject into the public arena, ensures that the very roots of feminism – and femininity – can be explored.

4 stars

Review by Amy Stow

Cream Pie
Presented by CrossLine Theatre
Porn is a massive industry with seemingly no borders or limitations. If someone thought they could have sex on it, in it, or with it, there is porn about it. Porn gives us patterns of what sex “should be” or what should be “sexy”. But is anyone really being satisfied?
Cream Pie explores porn at its tackiest: a pizza man, a girl’s night in, and a bit of ‘slipping into something less comfortable’. With elements of absurd physicality, object theatre, and verbatim content, Cream Pie parodies a few of the classic genres: heterosexual porn, ‘girl on girl’, BDSM, and unique fetishes. As the show goes on, the biggest question is: will the ladies actually get a chance to climax? Or are they going to be faking their way through the whole thing?
What do people really want to see in the porn they watch? What really gets people going? Verbatim interviews included in the performance will shed some light on what gets the general porn-watching public hot.
About the company
CrossLine Theatre is Kara Chamberlain and Natalia Knowlton. They explore where performance and gender-based issues intersect:
They believe that femininity and masculinity are a spectrum.
They create theatre from a woman’s perspective.
They question the society we live in and how social norms and traditional ideals limit us.
They hope their art can inspire discussion, education, and action.

Wednesday 23rd September 2015


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