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Daisy Campbell’s Pigspurt’s Daughter at Hampstead Theatre

Pigspurt's DaughterDaisy Campbell marks the ten year anniversary of her father Ken Campbell’s death with her own cleverly crafted monologue. Ken Campbell was a prolific, prodigiously talented theatre maker and with this self-directed one-woman show she does more than simply pay homage to his life and work. It’s a joy to travel alongside her on her journey, and the audience are more than willing to join in her flights of fancy, fantasy and occasional lunacy.

She’s a confident, charismatic and engaging storyteller who understands exactly how to keep her audience completely engaged.

The story centres around her quest to do something of note. To create the perfect story or piece of theatre that could finally impress her father might provide the closure and the ‘pay off’ that she has been seeking. Surrounded by his memorabilia she’s warm, witty, vulnerable and gloriously talented. Her impressions of her father are loving, cheeky and truthful. Even if you knew nothing of Ken Campbell and his work going into this show, you get a strong sense of the man and his gigantic presence, a force that could have overwhelmed, but seems instead to have provoked and inspired.

Her subjects bounce from storytelling to The Cathars via The KLF, and we dash through childhood, adolescence, cosmic forces and surreal conversations. Pigspurt’s Daughter is brimming with fun and ideas and although it may not provide the closure that we’re expecting, it does, for a moment at least, bring her father vividly back to life.

4 stars

Review by Roz Wyllie

Pigspurt’s Daughter follows Daisy’s surreal quest to go farther than her father – when Pigspurt, the daemonic side of Ken’s personality, is summoned by Daisy through an accidental act of gastromancy, the rectal invocation of dead spirits, there’s no telling what he might goad her to do…

Following Terry Johnson’s critically acclaimed KEN, first seen at Hampstead Downstairs in 2016, this is a new and wonderfully funny romp through Ken’s legacy of lunacy from the unique perspective of his daughter. Join Daisy in her mesmerising and alarming quest to make peace with the gap her father left behind.

Pigspurt’s Daughter
Written and performed by Daisy Campbell
Wednesday 11 – Saturday 14 July 2018
Hampstead Theatre Downstairs


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