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David Hunter and Caroline Kay release ‘The Space Between’

David Hunter and Caroline Kay release 'The Space Between'A brief review of a brief production. At fourteen minutes and five seconds and entirely sung-through, not a second is wasted in The Space Between, a complete story in itself but also one that could potentially have a sequel. That said, the story feels whole and entire but isn’t rushed, telling the story of an unnamed couple (David Hunter and Caroline Kay) living busy lives until the UK finally went into lockdown. The lady had her reasons for wanting to stay over at her brother’s place rather than her lover’s that evening, and now, separated by way of a Government ‘stay at home’ order, the two can’t be in the same physical space even if they wanted to.

Indicative of how quickly things have changed in the global pandemic that is Covid-19, this is, of course, no longer the case at the time of writing, with ‘support bubbles’ in place and ‘two households’ (whether or not alike in dignity) able to meet. Still, the whole thing has been put together entirely from scratch remarkably quickly, in what the Government might well call a ‘world-beating’ timeframe.

It’s a grown-up story, complete with some strong language, though I hasten to add there isn’t anything that people won’t have heard in a supermarket, on public transport or, dare I say it, a rough and tumble school playground. The now familiar Brady Bunch style Zoom room screen is there (though, notably, the buffering and micropauses in what someone is saying aren’t, thankfully), and the show does well to incorporate technology into the plot. It is notable that a text message is typed up, thought through, deleted, restarted (and so on).

The closing number is, perhaps, a tad mushy for some but it is nonetheless refreshing to hear a civilised conversation between two people just trying to work things out between them without hurling accusations at each other as if this were a soap opera. It would also have been nice to have had more backstory (consider, for instance, Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years, following a relationship’s story from its very beginning) but as a piece of musical theatre, this is remarkably compelling stuff. All the world’s a stage, even a FaceTime conversation. Charming and forthright in equal measure, this is well worth watching.

4 stars

Review by Chris Omaweng

‘The Space Between’, a new Musical Short written and performed entirely in lockdown isolation by West End star David Hunter and actor/singer-songwriter Caroline Kay.

The Space Between


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