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Death Suits You at Theatro Technis | Camden Fringe | Review

Death Suits YouDeath comes to us all, but do any of us appreciate the work, or should that actually be artistry, that goes into making the inevitable happen!? A little temptation here, a broken home there, the possibilities are endless and can be in the planning for decades.

That’s the basic premise to this new 55-minute piece of work. Death, played by Sam Hooper, recants a few cases to demonstrate the planning and patience that goes into the first death – should you want to know what the second death is you’ll have to go and see the performance! With each telling, you can expect either a song, dance, rap or some poetry to aid your understanding of events. Hooper is an impressive dancer and he can engage an audience through the superbly delivered performance, not to mention well-remembered! It is a funny, occasionally skirting close to but always respecting the line but no less comical, interpretation of what Death does and how he feels about us. The script (including the jokes) is well-written and beautifully timed and the whole concept does give you something to think about. What if this is what is actually happening…? I think that’s what impressed me the most, the possibility it could be what is going on right now and Death actually does look like your average businessman, albeit without shoes.

My only issue is that the live musicians were a little too loud for me to hear everything Hooper was singing/rapping and I missed a few sections. However, that didn’t stop my understanding or enjoyment and it is worth a visit if you can fit it in and fancy something different but most definitely entertaining.

4 stars

Review by Lee Cogger

We all feel underappreciated at work. Death is no exception.
Death (personified) puts a lot of work into the way we die, and never gets the credit he deserves. Across an hour, Death takes us through the artistry involved in ensuring that each and every one of us meets our maker. This musical black-comedy shows the lighter side of the inevitable.

Death Suits You features an original book, lyrics and score by Sam Hooper (Cats) and Robert Tripolino (Jesus Christ Superstar). Directed by Gabrielle Scawthorn (The Apologists).

Mon 19th August – Sun 25th August 2019
Theatro Technis
26 Crowndale Road
London, NW1 1TT


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