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Doctor Who: Time Fracture – An Immersive Adventure

Hands up if you’re even mildly a Whovians? If you aren’t sure what that is then read on for you may learn something to your advantage. If you not only know what it is but also consider yourself one, then also read on for I have something awesome to share with you. In the heart of London’s West End, there is a rather nondescript building. Passers-by would probably not give it a second glance were it not for the black overall-clad, red beret-wearing people outside, checking lists and then letting those whose name appears, enter. For this is no ordinary building. It is in fact the location of the recently re-opened Doctor Who Time Fracture.

Doctor Who: Time Fracture

The universe is under threat and our help is needed. For decades UNIT have been monitoring a rift in space and time. Whilst potentially an issue, the crack UNIT team have been able to control the rift, ensuring the safety not only of London but the planet as well. However, recently things have happened, and the time fracture has begun to spin out of control. But fear not, for the Doctor has selected you to assist the boffins in sealing the rift and securing the past, present, and future for the universe.

Oh, I really want to tell you so much more, but Doctor Who Time Fracture is a truly fully immersive show that spans the ages and the vast reaches of space in its two and a quarter-hour run time. In the tradition of “Who”, Writer Daniel Dingsdale has created a set of individual stories which are all linked together into an over-arching storyline that contains everything you could possibly imagine from the Whoniverse. Unlike some of the recent writing on the TV show, everything makes sense, and you aren’t left feeling that the writer has simply thrown in everything but the kitchen sink in a not-so-subtle attempt to please the fans. This is writing well up there with Terry Nation and Russel T Davies. Whilst I would say being a fan helps, those that have not so far fallen for the Doctor’s charms will not feel left out as the story plays out around them.

There is much to see and do and the audience/participants can choose to follow a particular thread or person or hop from story to story at will, meaning every person’s experience will be totally unique. In fact, if you were going to the show multiple times, then the interaction of yourself and the other audience members with the 43 live actors over 17 different worlds would ensure that your experience was never repeated. My companion Michael – complete with Tom Baker era scarf – and I, wandered through the vast spaces meeting up at various points to catch up on what we’d seen and experienced. Keeping control of everything that is going on must be a nightmare so hats off to director Tom Maller for keeping things moving so spectacularly. I suppose my one gripe with the show is that whilst there are moments of sheer unadulterated joy – and even terror – there are also moments, particularly in the interval before the final act where the pace really dropped and there wasn’t a lot going on. There’s also an awfully large number of people going through the experience with you, which can be a bit off-putting as you are trying to move around and really examine things.

However, ignoring that, I cannot praise the production creatives enough for the quality and attention to detail of the sets and costumes. From the poster you can see some of the many characters from the past present and future, both human and off-world, you will meet and believe me, if you thought the Ood looked good on TV, wait until you are stood talking with one in full evening dress.

Even though my head tells me that this is just a very hard-working and talented cast wearing what, at times, looked like incredibly hot and uncomfortable costumes, my imagination saw the genuine creatures and people I’ve grown up with since the series first started.

What else can I tell you? My advice is to really look around and take everything in. There are so many wonderful touches and everything you see will have its place in the story in some way. And be prepared to really participate. You will get so much out of the experience if you throw yourself into it. But you don’t have to. I’m one of those shy retiring types who likes to observe rather than participate, and I had a truly fantastic time.

Hopefully, without entering the spoiler realm – don’t want to be exterminated or deleted – I’ve given you an idea of Doctor Who Time Fracture. It really is awesome and whether you’re a Gallifreyan Cardinal, Time Lord, Companion or merely an innocent member of the public, this is one experience that is not only literally out of this world, but which will stay with you for a very long time. In fact, last night I dreamt about it, something I’ve never done with any other show before.

4 stars

Review by Terry Eastham

Doctor Who: Time Fracture, a ground-breaking immersive theatrical adventure, plunges you into the incredible universe of Doctor Who.

The Doctor needs you! The Universe as we know it is at stake – now is the time to step up and be the hero. For decades, in a quiet corner of Mayfair, London, a dangerous rift in time and space has been monitored by a group of loyal members of the long-thought-disbanded Unified Intelligence Taskforce – or UNIT for short. Until now they have managed to protect the people of Earth from the threat the rift poses but, weakened and beaten back as the Time Fracture grows out of control, they’re now close to defeat. With 43 live actors and 17 different worlds to explore, take an epic journey across space and time, travel to exciting new (and old) places, confront menacing monsters and encounter ancient aliens – all while you battle to save all of existence!

Presented under licence by Immersive Everywhere
Directed by Tom Maller
Written by Daniel Dingsdale
Designed by Rebecca Brower
Doctor Who lore consultancy and Script Editing by James Goss
Location: UNIT HQ, 1-8 Davies Mews London W1K 5AB
Booking through to April 2022


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