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Drawn In at The King’s Head Theatre – Review

Drawn In at the King's Head TheatreFrom the first twitching moments, Speechless threatre company’s Drawn In captures the audience in a unique and quirky scenario: a man, nameless and dressed only in his underwear, wakes to find himself in a box, armed only with a pen. He discovers that with this, he can draw and create whatever he imagines.

The audience becomes a voyeuristic third party to this game – a catalyst for the man to explore his own humanity, and rethink the limits of his surrounds. He questions not only what he can create but how far he can control his creations; these are deep questions, presented in a way that is accessible, entertaining and thought-provoking.

Conceived and written by Ant Cule and James Callas Ball, Speechless have created a charismatic and philosophical production, executed with a dignified blend of intelligence and humour. James Callas Ball achieves his wordless performance with total grace and charm, supported by an equally flawless Hephzibah Roe. The two are playful and strong – without words to carry them, they move seamlessly through all the depths of their characters’ growth, as they move from childlike to fully self-conscious, drawing us in to far deeper conclusions than words alone might allow.

At moments this fun and self-deprecating production turns sinister – the limits of the man’s power tested to a point where things may turn very dark indeed. But enough ambiguity is left that the audience could read this production a multitude of ways. For those simply looking for an hour of escapism and fun, this production will be very satisfying. For those looking for a thought-provoking night out, for a challenging and curious concept to mull over, this too will satisfy.

Supported by wonderfully staccato sound by Andrew Reynolds and lighting by Lorna Heap (both of which complement the comedy perfectly), Drawn In is an utter joy to watch from start to finish. Speechless are to be commended for their quirky style and desire to bring forth productions such as these – they are necessary and a delight, contributing something truly unique to the theatre scene.

Drawn In is a humble and wonderful production. I encourage everyone to support a company and a show as interesting as this one!

4 stars

Review by Christina Calgaro

A man wakes up in a room with a pen, a wall, and a set of instructions. Anything he draws on the wall comes into existence at the touch of a button.

‘Drawn In’ asks big questions; what happens when you create more than you can handle? What happens when you try to play god, and create life?
And how do you make friends with a piece of string?

A dystopian Penny Crayon about life, death, and what holds the key.
Speechless Theatre Company specialise in making original ‘plays­ with no­ words’ set in bizarre and vibrant worlds. Their work is an energetic blast of visual delight taking influence from clowning, mime and magic to leave you… speechless.


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