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Ginny Hogan: Regression – Gilded Balloon Teviot

Ginny Hogan is fully aware she’s been given an early afternoon slot for her show, which is really intended for evening audiences: it did seem a tad too early for all that stuff about relationships and bedroom activity. She has, for as long as she can remember, been good at math – as she calls it (she’s from New York, y’see) – and has been able to use her skills in her previous work as a data scientist, and then as a ‘female’ engineer (inverted commas hers, to good comic effect).

Ginny Hogan: Regression
Ginny Hogan: Regression

The comic delivery is second to none – it’s always a good sign when she finds herself, on multiple occasions, re-starting the next joke because the audience is still chortling away at the previous one, and it was as if she was conflicted between wanting to get on with the show and acknowledging the crowd (and it was a crowd at the performance I attended) is having a good time. She makes fun out of certain dates – she had plenty to choose from, having asserted she had 125 of them with a year of moving to San Francisco.

Hogan’s story is, in some respects, the archetypal American tale of descending into a seemingly bottomless pit of despair before coming out the other side, stronger and wiser than before. The key difference is that this isn’t about finding religion, or the perfect partner, or perfect career, or perfect anything. Brutally honest with a pleasant demeanour – her punchline about her not understanding what misogyny is until a man explained it to her should be on one of those ‘best gags of the Fringe’ lists – it’s a solid and fascinating comedy hour.

4 stars

Review by Chris Omaweng

Ginny Hogan: Regression
Gilded Balloon Teviot

The Lounge
Dates: 2nd – 27th August 2023

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