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Hidden St James’s Immersive Audio Experience

Hidden St James is a collaboration between St James’s Church in Piccadilly and Jermyn Street Theatre, the West End’s best-kept secret, and it forms part of Westminster Council’s Inside Out cultural programme.

Hidden St James’s Immersive Audio ExperienceIt is a brief but engaging soundscape (11 minutes) directed by JST’s Anna Ryder and performed, beautifully, by the actress Nadi Kemp Sayfi. It deals not so much with the church’s history and architecture – though there are moments when it does just that – but is concerned more with the spirits of the people who built it and used it, whether as a subject to paint or as a place to worship.

The writer Gabriele Uboldi – who, perhaps significantly, is not a native Londoner – has found a way of evoking the story of the place before, during and after its existence as the location for one of London’s wonderful Wren churches.

It is one of those things that you either get or you don’t, and it remains available until the end of August. Hidden St James is free and accessible via QR code on a smartphone with headphones / ear pods.

By Louis Mazzini

This Summer, Jermyn Street Theatre steps outside into the nearby St James’s Churchyard for an immersive audio experience. Every day throughout the month of August, audiences are invited to take a magical journey outside their everyday lives to steal a glimpse into Westminster’s rich architectural and cultural history. The dramatised audio excursion begins with the birth of this iconic landmak, as imagined by architect Christopher Wren, on to its depiction by celebrated 17th century painter Mary Beale, through the more recent past, up to the present and beyond, into the buidling’s future.

Hidden St James’s is free to listen to via mobile phone by scanning the QR codes found in St James’s Church garden. Audiences are asked to bring their own headphones or earpods.

Jermyn Street Theatre
AUGUST 1 to 31 2023 any time

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  1. What about those people who don’t have headphones? For them must this ‘Hidden St James’s’ story remain forever hidden…?

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