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Just These, Please at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 | Review

JTP Confetti LineA mixture of the novel and the familiar (and, occasionally, the over-familiar) generously sprinkle a frenetically-paced Just These, Please, ensuring, as far as is reasonable, there is at least something for a broad and international Edinburgh Fringe audience to take away. William Sebag-Montefiore, Philippa Carson, Georgie Jones and Tom Dickson take on an almost ridiculous number of characters between them, from Judas Iscariot to Albus Dumbledore to The Princess Royal.

It’s the sort of sketch show that manages to say so much about so much in (relatively speaking) so little time. The punchlines are frequent – at an annual general meeting of the entire animal kingdom (suspension of disbelief and all that), there is a need to “address the elephant in the room”, and a sketch with a talking grocery bag (yep, there’s a requirement to go with the flow from beginning to end) sees its owner, Tony, confess that they have been many other bags used for various purposes. “But I am your bag for life!” the said bag protests, as though it were supposed to be some sort of monogamous relationship. Or a relationship at all, for that matter.

This is the sort of comic absurdity that this production likes to go for. An applicant for promotion (to what, I still have no idea) finds that he has been pipped to the post by Jesus. Project management doesn’t come better than feeding five thousand men plus women and children, the Sermon on the Mount demonstrated presentation skills so well, and there are few, if any, better examples of successful networking than turning water into wine at a wedding reception.

Some scenes run for less than a minute, and as someone who usually bemoans having lots of short scenes in a show, this format did not, unusually, detract from enjoying proceedings. Some are so gloriously simple. An example: two shepherds begin a headcount of their flock but fail to finish as they quickly start to feel lethargic. This level of clean fun is relatively rare these days – except, perhaps, for shows deliberately aimed at schoolchildren. Another scene is one that would, frankly, have had me jumping for joy if it had happened to me when I had a corporate job years ago that I hated: a surprise celebration is set up by colleagues with the strapline, “Congratulations! You’re leaving!” The employee in question is, perhaps understandably, saddened – but if it had been me, I might have responded with, “Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m free at last!”

My favourites were one about a syndrome that causes sufferers to burst into song when certain words are spoken, and a PA who takes the concept of going the extra mile to a new level. This delightful production is silly with a capital S, and fun with a capital F. Silly Fun is welcome with the world at large being what it is. Recommended.

4 stars

Review by Chris Omaweng

Two boys. Two girls. Four suits. Charming new sketch group Just These, Please seek friendly audience for their Edinburgh debut. Looking to share one hour of passion followed by a lifetime of mutual appreciation. Their self-titled show promises 25 cleverly crafted sketches in 55 minutes. No fourth wall breaking, seamless transitions and fully realised worlds complete with characters both identifiable and surprising.

Twitter: @justheseplease / Instagram: @justtheseplease / Facebook: facebook.com/justtheseplease

Just These, Please presents
Just These, Please
August 1st-19th, 21st-27th
12:15 (1 hr)
Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)


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  1. Fantastic- funny, original. Very cool material, highly recommend as think will be a sell out. Reminds me of “News Review” standard so will most definitely become a sell out in future fringe shows. Fantastic.

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