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Michael Starring Ben at the London Palladium

Ben Bowman as Michael Jackson
Ben Bowman as Michael Jackson

I was never lucky enough to see Michael Jackson perform live and to give an opinion of his performance. I enjoy his music and think he was an incredible performer and the “King of Pop” title seems to be well deserved, however I am not a diehard fan who knows all the words to every song or be able to identify every dance routine.

Michael Starring Ben is a concert production and having seen it you can understand why it is billed as the largest touring tribute to Michael Jackson in the UK today. With 5 excellent band members, 2 superb backing singers, 4 dancers and Ben himself it is clear from the opening song the effort and time that has gone into staging this act. There is no doubt Ben looks the part with the impressive costume design, dance moves you can recognise as Michael Jackson’s with a sprinkling of modern fresh moves added – and he does a believable impression of MJ, which Ben sticks to throughout the whole evening including any interactions with the audience. For me, the most impressive aspect of the show is just how much Ben dances whilst singing live without once sounding like he was out of breath or struggling at any point.

I don’t believe anyone can fully emulate Michael Jackson, as, along with his unique voice, the man was far too talented and a perfectionist. However, Michael Starring Ben is probably the closest you’ll get to see the King of Pop perform today. Ben’s dancing really does add to the whole experience of being able to let go of reality and just for a short while imagine this is what it must have been like to watch MJ perform. The only slight downside to the show for me was the dancers losing time with each other which didn’t mirror the other impeccable performances on the stage. If you like MJ then mark the 10 year anniversary of his passing by seeing Michael Starring Ben at one of the tour dates this year. You’ll be treated to numerous MJ and The Jackson Five songs like Beat It, Dirty Diana, Earth Song, Blame it on the Boogie, Thriller, Man in the Mirror, Billie Jean and more. Fully expect to be dancing and getting into the whole experience!

4 stars

Review by Lee Cogger

As the largest touring tribute to Michael Jackson in the UK today, this award-winning production features an incredible live band, stunning costumes, iconic dance routines and of course, the inimitable Ben. The show promises to create the most authentic, lively and powerful re-creation of the iconic superstar you will ever experience.

Michael Starring Ben
London Palladium
6th April 2019


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