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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Princess Theatre Torquay

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a musical feat. Known for its many catchy musical numbers, it’s hard to believe this multi-award-winning production originally began as a concept album in 1969, and since then has become the technicolour phenomenon and a much-loved national and international treasure. With the perfect combination of Tim Rice’s lyrics, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical arrangement, Bill Kenwright’s direction and this fabulous cast – you’re in for a musical masterclass.

I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. As the audience took to their seats, the atmosphere was so vibrant and alive with anticipation for this cult classic. The audience clearly had an expectation and this show certainly delivered. Immediately after the overture began, the audience were clapping and singing along – even before the curtain was up! It reminded me of fans that are waiting to see their pop hero in concert with the buzzing energy of excitement that fills the stadium while everyone waits for them to start.

It was a production packed with energy and heart. For those like myself who’ve seen many versions of this production, it nods to the traditional style and yet breathes a brand new life to this timeless classic. It plays the comedy of the show so well and yet equally pulls at your heartstrings. You find yourself in stitches of laughter in one moment and feeling a lump in your throat in the next. Amongst the bright coloured wit of the show, it captures the raw human emotion so well and so effortlessly.

It’s a flawless ensemble production, that also captures the individual personalities of the entire cast. While the story is predominately led by ‘Joesph’ and the ‘Narrator’, you genuinely leave feeling like you’ve got to know each and every character. The cast seems so supportive of one and another and every single member looked like they are thriving in every single moment.

Jaymi Hensley, best known for coming fourth on The X Factor in 2012, is utterly sensational. His performance of ‘Close Every Door’ is haunting and beautiful. You could hear a pin drop. You forget it’s a number from the show as he is so harrowing in his role. Not only this, but he captures the warmth, humour and sense of pride of ‘Joseph’ so well – it’s a technicolour performance with so many shades to the character.

Alexandra Doar, too, was a musical sensation. Doar brought much character to the role of the ‘Narrator’. It was impressive to read this is her professional debut, she’s one to watch and I predict we’ll be seeing, and hearing a lot more of her in the very near future.

Callum Connolly’s ‘Pharaoh’ certainly lived up to rock and roll king. He packed the role with energy and charm and put his own spin on the very famous character. Congratulations Callum.

Every single member deserves a special mention. I can’t quite articulate just how strong of a cast this is and just how much energy they throw into it – which is why you should ‘Go, Go, Go’ and experience it for yourselves.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is not to be missed. It was totally deserving of its standing ovation and had us all on our feet come the end, while dancing to the shows best-loved songs. A huge congratulations to the entire cast, crew and creative staff behind this triumph of a production. It gives this much loved classic musical a lick of fresh paint and really was a ‘walking work of art’. Bravo!

5 Star Rating

Review by Daniel Chambers

With additional new choreography from Gary Lloyd (Thriller Live, Heathers), Bill Kenwright’s ’Superb’, ‘Wonderful’ and ‘Brilliant’ production of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sparkling family musical is brought to life in a colourful explosion of joy.

Retelling the Biblical story of Joseph, his eleven brothers and the coat of many colours, this magical musical is full of unforgettable songs including Go, Go, Go Joseph, Any Dream Will Do and many more.

Cast & Creative
Jaymi Hensley – JOSEPH
Alexandra Doar – NARRATOR
Andrew Geater – PHARAOH
Henry Metcalfe – JACOB
Amber Kennedy – HANDMAIDEN
Matt Jolly – BROTHER
Callum Connolly – BROTHER
Alex Hetherington – BROTHER
Mikey Jay-Heath – BROTHER
George Beet – NAPTHALI
Will Breckin – SWING
Charlotte Kate Warren – HANDMAIDEN
Paul Brangan – BROTHER
Robert Bardsley – BROTHER
Richard J Hunt – BROTHER
Lovonne Richards – BROTHER
Tom Bainbridge – BROTHER

MUSIC BY Andrew Lloyd Webber
PRODUCER Bill Kenwright
DIRECTOR Bill Kenwright
SET DESIGNER Sean Cavanagh

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Princess Theatre Torquay
Booking to 26th October 2019
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  1. I have seen this show many, many times over the years including in the West End. I went to see the matinee performance at The Princess Theatre in Torquay on the 24th October. All of the cast were absolutely wonderful but Jaymi Hensley was honestly the best Joseph I have ever seen. He made us laugh and he made us cry and his voice was just liquid gold. Brilliant.

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