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Laura Lexx: Trying at Soho Theatre | Review

Laura Lexx - Photo by Karla Gowlett.
Laura Lexx – Photo by Karla Gowlett.

I loved this show. From the moment Laura Lexx appears on stage all smiles and welcome, to the final tender but funny moments at the end, it’s a joy to be in her company.

At one stage she describes her show as ‘a woman in her thirties, talking about feelings‘, but that’s self-deprecating and doesn’t do her justice. This is a show about childhood and nostalgia, about growing up and trying to live your life in a confusing and overwhelming world.

There are brilliant jokes about food intolerances, family intolerances and her own anxieties and hopes for her future children. Her style is friendly, open and warm, and it feels as though she brings her whole authentic self on to the stage with her and has the guts and grace to share honestly with us.

The show has already been to Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is still touring and recently Laura appeared on Live at the Apollo, for someone so openly conflicted she has an exceptional command of her audience and has a bold original voice that is going to resonate with people of all ages.

Trying is brilliantly written and engagingly performed and super-funny, with every line earning its place.

4 stars

Review by Roz Wyllie

Wed 20 – Sat 23 Feb 19


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  1. 5* from me. It’s so refreshing to hear a comedian talk about depression and anxiety.
    This woman deserves huge success and a lot of air time. She is prime for the very male donated panel shows.

    She is ace, and her show “Trying” is simply put, first class.

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