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Review of Jammie Dodger at the Vault Festival

Jammie DodgerJammie Dodger at the VAULT festival is a high-energy comedy about three women who plot to murder their husbands and run away to live new lives. As the plan quickly collapses into farce, Jammie Dodger hits its stride as an
exceptionally entertaining production.

While it’s a story you might vaguely recognise, it’s very cleverly executed by writer Gael van den Bossche, the twists and turns all wrapping up nicely into each other. I had thought we might see more of the plotting, but instead, we are dropped right into the post-murder, which really helps make this production a well-paced, dynamic experience. No time is wasted, and it never slows down.

The cast are also suitably lively and engaging, and I was particularly rooting for Beth (Charlotte Bloomsbury), the brains behind the operation. The acting does get overzealous and over the top at various points, but always in a
delightful way.

A few details are overwrought – Colin’s availability, for instance, we didn’t need confirming with a diary being pulled out of a pocket, we know what a busy schedule means – but it’s otherwise a fairly neat production. Director Alberto Lais has created a very fun and witty show, that still retains enough well-executed physical comedy to complement the story. It’s silly without being actually stupid; clever writing that is mostly well-acted, even if the comedy-faces are dialled up to 11. The sped up and slowed down section of Cluedo-playing is a particularly nice addition.

In all, Jammie Dodger is a really fun evening of entertainment, and will have you laughing out loud at many points throughout. The perfect antidote to Valentine’s Day, there was no better way to spend my 14th February.

4 stars

Review by Christina Care

A fast-paced, violent and darkly comic farce featuring betrayals, pyramid schemes and lots and lots of jam.
Three women – Beth, Deirdre and Marie-Sue – set out to murder their husbands but things quickly spin out of control when one murder goes right, one goes wrong and one goes very, very wrong. Beth will now have to clean up the mess created by her inept partners in crime – a feat only made more difficult when her neighbour shows up uninvited to her flat to discuss getting involved in her jam business.

Directed by Alberto Lais and presented in association with the Florence Theatre Company.

Jammie Dodger
Studio – The Vaults, Leake Street
February 13th- 14th, 6:00pm


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