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Review of Ladies Go Diva at The Crazy Coqs Brasserie Zedel

Ladies Go DivaThe remarkably talented quartet, Ladies Go Diva, is the current act playing at the award-winning cabaret venue The Crazy Coqs. For those of you unfamiliar with this venue it is something to be admired. Hidden in the basement of Brasserie Zedel, just behind Piccadilly Circus, you’ll discover a venue that transports you back to France in the 1920s in a sumptuous art deco haunt that regularly attracts the crème de la cream of the musical cabaret world.

For me, everything about the evening was Stylish: the venue, the cocktails and the table service included. The performance, the words, the music and the costumes oozed sophistication and talent consistently. This is definitely an evening out to be experienced with friends.

So, who or what is Ladies Go Diva you may ask. No, they have nothing to do with the lady who rode through Coventry naked on a horse to protest taxes, although they could align themselves with a political party and try that! They are in fact, four women of a certain age who are championing their life: the good, the bad and the repressed, through the medium of song! True prima donnas!

There are 3 utterly talented singers, Helen Goldwyn, Katherine Mount and Suzy Bloom as well as MD and accompanist Teresa Barlow. Helen is also responsible for the Music, Lyrics and vocal arrangements. All of them have admirable credits from the world of Theatre, Film and TV dating back to the 90s. Helen has also just been shortlisted for the 2015 Stiles and Drew Best New Song Prize for two of her songs “skin I’m in” and “Gonna be Big”.

The show is created in the form of confessional, a vehicle to share human experience via the power of song – well, this is what they tell us!

The show is a 2 act piece incorporating 14 powerful and poignant songs, some solos as well a group songs with perfect harmonies. Each song can be judged on its own merit. Helen has skilfully created songs that stand alone both lyrically, and work well together in exploring the human struggle. You’ll either be laughing with joy or crying with sadness. This woman knows how to drive emotion from her audience.

In each song the ladies sing their hearts out telling stories sharing universal truths that have the audience laughing VERY loudly. For me, I loved watching them sing together and especially enjoyed their comical songs. However, I must say that there is something very special about their on-stage relationship. When one Diva is singing the other two are focused on her, their eyes and bodies showing warmth, support and solidarity. They are a genuine group showcasing the best of everyone, not a group of ladies fighting for the limelight!

In my opinion, Helen is the queen when it comes to the play on words double entendres and endless euphemisms. Personally I admire anyone who can get the phrase “I Love Spit Roasting [pause] Duck” into a song! Although many of the show’s songs are designed to uplift the audience, share common embarrassment and generally make you smile there is also a more softer real and heart-felt side to some of the songs. “Off Plan” performed by Suzy Bloom would not have looked out of place in a West End Musical or a Disney movie. “Five Weeks” brought tears to my eyes as the ladies sang a very haunting yet beautiful song about the pain of losing a child. “Ethan’s Song” a very powerful number performed seamlessly in song and in sign-language by Katherine Mount is the very personal encounter of life without hearing. The song moved me to tears and I SHALL be downloading this song from iTunes.

The show is a total triumph, a celebration of womanhood performed by a sisterhood of ridiculously talented ladies whose abilities to make you laugh one moment and cry the next appear effortless. I urge all women, especially those who have lived a little, to check out Ladies Go Diva, you will not be disappointed, and I can almost guarantee you’ll leave the venue singing “Let’s Go Gay Gay Gay!
5 Star Rating

Review by Faye Stockley

The Ladies – a class act of three funny, glamorous “old school” DIVAS – are delighted to return with LADIES GO-DIVA BARE ALL. Their songs about psychotic ambition, third trimesters and bi-curiosity – to name but a few – explore the ups and downs of career minded women and being single in a world where dating no longer has any rules!

Daring to sing about the quirks of being ladies-of-a-certain-age in a world where everyone is “prettier and younger,” they celebrate life, love and lust… even if there is “no sex in the city!”

Join singer songwriter Helen Goldwyn, musical director Teresa Barlow and fellow Ladies Katherine Mount and Suzy Bloom for an evening of truly classy comedy and stunning vocals – laugh and cry in equal measures

Wednesday 15th April 2015


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