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Review of The Generation of Z Apocalypse

The Generation of ZWhat are two of the biggest entertainment genres at the present time? Certainly as far as this guy goes, it has to be zombies and Immersive theatre. Both are pretty awesome in their own right, but put them together and what happens? Well, if you are lucky enough to be able to get a ticket, you get to be a part of “The Generation of Z Apocalypse” a truly fantastic theatrical experience currently playing out in London’s East End.

Its 2015 and the deadly Z virus is transforming the population in a horde of the infected. London has fallen and all standards of civilised life have gone with it. Electricity is sparse, the Internet is dead (now that really is a definition of an apocalypse) and electronic communication methods are sporadic at best.

You are a part of a small group of the unaffected who have made their way to a £$!”%^& *bvsdjgbklv kpsajkdpjkg j PJG ur90u 909090 ;gml;ermh k78990-”£HJgn d8^^%!Q ((3!!” % jkopt u jo04u3 ty0 we rpl090909 )£””%^&’’@asdFJIOUJ//?< KGOKG 666 rtoyvb*–/-5kvi ……….. and, if your luck has held, you will come out unscathed at the other side. Hopefully, that last message all came through loud and clear, though I did notice some fluctuations in power levels as I typed. Now, make sure you remember all of the above as that may just save your life.

Come on, did you really think I was going to tell you the plot? This a definite spoiler free zone because, to be honest if you knew anything about what was going to happen, it really would spoil the surprises – and there are plenty throughout the show.

The creative team behind “The Generation of Z Apocalypse” (David Van Horn, Charlie McDermott, Simon London, Benjamin Farry and Beth Allen) have put together an astounding production that from the moment it begins, really gets inside the audience’s head. This is not just a scare-fest (thought there are plenty of shocks and frights along the way) but is a genuine theatrical performance where Director Michael Hurst moves his team of actors – both professional and really enthusiastic amateurs – along with the audience around like puppets on a string. For me as an audience member it was an amazingly emotional show. A mixture of subliminal fear, genuine horror, pathos and some lovely bits of unexpected comedy had me gripped from the moment we entered right up until the final point where the Twitter hashtag for the show #exctinctionIsnow felt like it could become a reality. The cast were brilliant from start to finish, completely believable in their respective roles, never breaking character no matter what happened and ensuring that us uninfected were fully involved by some marvelous interactions and getting volunteers whenever they needed a hand. I did my bit with a door and got bloodied as a result.

A short review I know, and without giving anything away about the actual experience I’m going to give you two bits of advice about the show. First, when you enter , make sure you read the message wall – it will break your heart in places. And second, if you go with friends, don’t be afraid of being separated. My companion and I were and spent a wonderful couple of hours after we came out discussing our various adventures. By the end, I was emotionally drained, had blood on my face and hands and ecstatically happy that I had survived a traumatic but awesome apocalypse and, going by my dreams last night, the memories of it will stay with me forever.
5 Star Rating

Review by Terry Eastham

The world of The Generation of Z: Apocalypse unfolds within a purpose-built, labyrinthian venue in Dept W on Mile End Road in Whitechapel. The former Wickhams department store is an iconic building in the heart of East London, with its basement spanning over 25,000 square feet. It is here that audiences must attempt to navigate their way through our apocalyptic wasteland.

Not for the faint hearted, The Generation of Z: Apocalypse throws you into your very own action movie, where there is no fourth wall and no interval. Show Producers Beth Allen and Charlie McDermott say, “We can’t wait to unleash The Generation of Z: Apocalypse onto London audiences. We are creating theatre for a new generation, giving our audiences an experience and not just a performance. With film-quality production design, a heart-stopping narrative and opportunities for audiences to affect the story’s outcome, this show will be like nothing anyone has experienced before.”
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Wednesday 22nd april 2015


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