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Review of The World Goes ‘Round at Stockwell Playhouse

The World Goes 'RoundRevue shows are tricky. They are a celebration of a multitude of musicals whilst still trying to be a show in their own right. Are they worth seeing? One may argue they will only attract an audience who know what they will be getting. Those who don’t may be put off before booking.

The World Goes ‘Round, currently at The Stockwell Playhouse until Sunday, is a well-known revue show of Kander and Ebb – famous for such musicals like Cabaret and Chicago. This particular show is now 21 years old and as quoted for this production ‘The World Goes ‘Round proves that Kander and Ebb are more relevant in musical theatre than they ever have been’.

In every which way, this show and this particular production deserves to be seen. Director Stuart Saint has created a spectacle that embraces everything that is Kander and Ebb but still put his own dark, British twist on it. Set in what looks like a mix of a storage space and an underground art venue, the set is superb and eye-catching. Martin John Bristow’s lighting only embraces it further and Carol Arnopp’s musical direction brings distinction to every number. It is truly a celebration done right!

The cast are fantastic too! Suzanna Kemper gives a perfect introduction to the show and continues to fascinate with her numbers and characters. Paul Harwood swoons the audience with his charm and charisma. Katy Barker commands the stage with numbers that felt like they were written for her and Georgina Nicholas is the ingénue that entices the audience with her energetic numbers whilst still displaying an enticing allure.

But the most valuable player goes to Daniel Hall. Hall is perfect for this show. His numbers are most certainly highlights and he has the wit and vocal talent that Kander and Ebb would’ve begged to see. His ‘Mr Cellophane’ rendition is something to admire.

Collectively, this group work strongly together and present a revue show definitely worth seeing, regardless of your prior knowledge. From their Chicago section onwards, the cast begin to let loose more and breathe new life into this show.

Within the blink of an eye or the display of a single jazz hand, you could easily miss The World Goes ‘Round at The Stockwell Playhouse. Playing through only five dates, Stuart Saint’s production presents a stylish revue show with a dark British twist that begs for a longer run and quick revival. As I said before, revue shows can easily be subject to criticism. This production easily justifies itself within the first fifteen minutes. To take from the number ‘Coffee in a Cardboard Cup’, – “The trouble with the world today is plain to see”. People are always rushing about, unable to stay still, take things in and appreciate things as intended. The World Goes ‘Round presents an extensive and deep look into Kander and Ebb’s work that allows the audience to sit back and just forget everything else for the time being. Rightly so.

5 Star Rating

Review by Tomm Ingram

Enter the world of the most distinguished and celebrated musical writers Kander and Ebb. The World Goes ‘Round is a stunning revue of the songbook from the multi-Tony-award-winning team who brought you legendary scores, such as Cabaret and Chicago, 70 Girls 70 and Flora the Red Menace, through to their more unique work like The Rink, The Act and Kiss of the SpiderWoman.

Filled with humour, romance, drama, and nonstop melody, five individuals find themselves careening through The World Goes ‘Round, in a thrilling celebration of life with that fighting spirit that keeps us all going. This non-stop hit-parade features unforgettable gems including “All That Jazz,” “Coloured Lights,” ”Maybe this Time,” “Cabaret,” “Arthur In The Afternoon”, “New York, New York” and many more, all seamlessly interwoven into a passionate, harmonious, up-tempo evening.

Critically acclaimed director and choreographer Stuart Saint (Princess, Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens, De Profundis), collaborating with the Stockwell Playhouse, reinvigorates this classic revue with his own special flare, whilst paying homage to this incredible collection of material. Weather you’re a life long fan or being introduced to the wonders of Kander and Ebb, you will undoubtedly be enthralled by two of the most iconic writers in musical theatre history who will continue to entertain for many years to come as The World Goes ‘Round.

The Stockwell Playhouse and Stuart Saint present
The World Goes ‘Round
The Songs of Kander and Ebb
Music John Kander Lyrics Fred Ebb
Director & Choreographer Stuart Saint
Musical Director Carol Arnopp
Sound & Lighting Martin Bristow
Producers Mark Magill and Stuart saint

Daniel Hall
Suzanna Kempner
Katy Baker
Georgina Nicholas
Paul Harwood

Performed by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe) Limited
Wednesday, March 28, 2018 – Sunday, April 1, 2018


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