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The Andrew Fisher Songbook – SimG Records | Review

I used to work for a gentleman called Andrew Fisher so was initially amused to be asked to review an album The Andrew Fisher Songbook. Of course, the Andrew I worked for is a completely different person, and this Andrew Fisher is the renowned writer of some classic musical theatre numbers. Now I am drawn to musical theatre as a duck goes to water, or a politician to sleaze, so downloaded the album, put in my headphones and sat back to listen.

The Andrew Fisher Songbook - SimG RecordsAnd boy this is a great album. I’ve listened to it three times now and love it more each time. In the 12 songs, there are very different musical theatre genres; comedy, ballad, romantic, fast-paced and relaxed, they are all here and well worth a listen, or two, or three.

My favourite is Wendi Peters version of “All Men are Bastards” which not only sums up my own thoughts but also is a really funny and observant song. I don’t know if you can sing with a twinkle in your voice but Wendi manages it very well.

I also loved “Nothing to be Done” which felt like a song I would hear sitting in a smoky piano bar late at night and “Big Cheddar” in which Joel Montague manages to make a gangster’s voice sound both threatening and lyrical at the same time.

In truth, if you like musical theatre, there isn’t a bad song on the album, and each one really justifies multiple listening to fully appreciate both the music and the lyrics which often tell a complex and full story so that, even hearing the songs away from their original shows, you get a real feel for the musical they are from – “I Say we Fight” is a great case in point. The production is excellent, with full orchestrations accompanying the singers and providing a nice rich sound to enjoy.

Overall, this is a great album that will make a wonderful addition to anyone’s musical theatre collection and I definitely recommend it.

5 Star Rating

Review by Terry Eastham

1. Alphabet Soup – James Gillan
2. Nothing To Be Done – Chloe Hart
3. All Men Are Bastards – Wendi Peters
4. How Foolish Of Me – Danny Colligan
5. I Say We Fight – Stephen Weller
6. At The Crossroads – Annalene Beechey
7. Caught In The Rain – Lauren Samuels
8. Big Cheddar – Joel Montague
9. Second Base – Lorna Want
10. Gloucester Road – Molly Lynch
11. That Kind Of Day – Ben Stock
12. Heaven’s Plan’s A Mystery – Daniel Boys

Album produced by ANDREW FISHER
Mastered by DANNY MONK
Produced for SimG Records by SIMON GREIFF
Original Artwork by JONATHAN EDWARDS
CD design & Art Direction by SIMON BEECHEY

Twitter Handles:
@SimGProductions (record label)
@AndreFisher6 (writer)
@AnnaleneBeechey (performer)
@danielboys (performer)
@DannyColliganUK (performer)
@JamesGillan8 (performer)
@ChloeSJHart (performer)
@mollyblynch (performer)
@JoelMontague10 (performer)
@WendiPeters (performer)
@Laurensamuels88 (performer)
@benstockbiz (performer)

The Andrew Fisher Songbook is the fourth Andrew Fisher project produced and released by SimG Records, past acclaimed recordings include ‘Girl In A Crisis’, ‘The Little Fox’ and ‘Gabriel’.

Physical CDs for The Andrew Fisher Songbook are available to order now from www.SimGProductions.com, and will also be available digitally on the official release date, Friday 21st May 2021.


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