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The Art of Banksy announces extension to May 2022

The Art of BanksyOn the heels of the globetrotting Van Gogh Immersive Experience, London offers a Banksy retrospective, which aims to provide an overview of the work of Bristol’s notoriously secretive graffiti artist. Featuring more than 90 authenticated pieces, The Art of Banksy aims to cover his career from mildly amusing local vandal to acerbic geopolitical commentator. Laudable enough but Banksy’s work – most of it – belongs on walls, directly on walls, and something feels missing in this display of often familiar images, starkly framed and stripped of their context.

While the atmospheric Soho location and excellent lighting give The Art of Banksy a sense of the illicit, those with only a casual interest might get more out of Banksy’s 2007 book Wall and Piece. Indeed, Banksy himself is very dismissive of exhibitions that, like The Art of Banksy, are “organised entirely without the artist’s knowledge or involvement”, urging the public to “treat them accordingly”.

Running through 2022, The Art of Banksy is a rewarding opportunity to study many of Banksy’s stencils and other works up close.


Due to overwhelming public demand, The Art of Banksy, the world’s largest collection of original privately owned Banksy is now booking to May 2022.

Seen by over one million people worldwide in cities from Melbourne and Tel Aviv to Toronto and Chicago, The Art of Banksy has now made its home in London, where over 90 authenticated Banksy pieces gathered from private collections across the globe are exhibited in a 12,000 sq. ft gallery in the heart of Covent Garden.

Opening to critical acclaim in May 2021, the exhibition has quickly become a must-see addition to the burgeoing London art scene. It features original and authenticated works from one of the most intriguing and talked-about artists in modern history, including prints, canvasses, screen prints, unique works and limited-edition pieces mainly dated between the years 1997 to 2008, the period which resulted in Banksy’s most recognisable and well-known works.

It includes iconic favourites such as ‘Girl with a Balloon’ and ‘Rude Copper’ alongside ‘Brace Yourself’ featuring a dodgem-riding Grim Reaper. In a rarely seen public outing for the painting, it made headlines in 2010 when the work was gifted by Banksy to a band, previously known as ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, in exchange for the rights to their name. The piece has been mostly hidden away behind closed doors since its creation over a decade ago. The vast 245 x 182cm work – one of the largest ever created by Banksy – takes centre stage in the exhibition.

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Extension dates:
Now booking to 22nd May 2022
50 Earlham St,
Covent Garden, London WC2H 9LJ


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  1. Alex Delves-Broughton

    Hello. Ive been bought tickets to the banksey exhibition in covernt Garden with a date until of 19th November. I understand the exhibition has been extended until may 2022 so will they still be valid? If you could let me know that would be appreciated.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Alex, we only provide news about the event – you need to contact them directly…

      or call 08440 412001

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