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The Brand New, Full-Throated Adventures of Reginald D. Hunter

The Brand New, Full-Throated Adventures of Reginald D. HunterThere are some comedians who deliver their hour-long set as if they are on drugs, talking at an almost frightful pace, trying to cram too much detail in. Then there’s Reginald D. Hunter, who is so relaxed on stage he is quite happy to interrupt himself to take a swig of water, with the audience sat patiently, waiting for the next punchline. It’s certainly more than a tad irreverent in places, with liberal sprinklings of certain terminology that some people don’t like (which, naturally, leads Hunter to use such terms all the more frequently).

A series of questions posed to the audience – mostly the ladies for whatever reason – answered by a show of hands, didn’t really seem to go anywhere. I was expecting some kind of analysis of the results of the polls. But either way, Hunter has a naturalistic manner that puts his audiences at ease.

His calm storytelling is engaging and delightful, and his observant comparisons between the USA and the UK continue to amuse (a country with trainspotters and the requirement to have a licence to watch live television is unlikely on those grounds alone to have issues with misuse of guns). Some anecdotes about the advice being disseminated from his father even though Hunter himself is now fifty years of age were strangely amusing. Another confident and assured set, which underlines his enduring popularity amongst some and notoriety amongst others.

4 stars

Review by Chris Omaweng

Reginald D Hunter returns to the Fringe with his highly anticipated new show.
For over 20 years his searingly honest material has garnered a cross-generational fan base. TV appearances have included Have I Got News for You?, and two series of BBC Two’s hugely popular Reginald D Hunter’s Songs of the South & Songs of the Border, documenting Reginald’s epic road trip through American popular song.

Until 25th August 2019
The Grand – Pleasance Courtyard
Restricted to ages 18 and above


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