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The Colour of Dinosaurs at the Polka Theatre, Wimbledon

The Colour of Dinosaurs at the Polka Theatre, Wimbledon is a wonderful, exceptional children’s show directed by Dom Coyote with music composed by Lloyd Coleman, and written by Malaika Kegode.

The Colour of Dinosaurs Bristol Old Vic Oct 2023 PB.
The Colour of Dinosaurs Bristol Old Vic Oct 2023 PB.

While any show with the word dinosaurs included in its title is bound to draw an eager crowd of children, probably expecting to see clever puppetry again, this production is refreshingly different. Included in its cast and as a key explainer, roaming the auditorium, is a distinguished and likeable palaeontologist, Dr Jakob Vinther. For many in the target age range of children aged between 6-12 years old, he has that real-life job they might dream about. Dr Vinther is also the person who discovered how to identify the real colours of dinosaurs. He did this by differentiating the melanin in their fossils.

Incredibly Dr Vinther and the five musicians on stage set about explaining how this works in an accessible and entertaining way, including throwing soft balls of different colours into the audience. There is much audience participation, sometimes with questions and answers, sometimes with everyone dancing as if they are dinosaurs. The pace doesn’t slacken. Genuine, special fossils are produced on stage and also introduced is the most accurate model of a dinosaur that exists. The reality of dinosaurs in the capable hands of this production becomes as engaging to the children as any fantasy.

The way the show with the lightest of touch extends the colours of melanin found in dinosaurs to human beings so everyone in the audience, including accompanying adults understands is clever, important and life-enhancing.

Only when the audience has learnt the band of five singers and instrumentalists are utterly fantastic do they disclose just a little of themselves. Most affecting is the magical singer, Victoria Oruwari, who celebrates the joy of her very special gifts.

The music compositions are original and the standard of the live music is engagingly 5 star, another important experience for the children lucky enough to come to this show.

The Colour of Dinosaurs is probably not suitable for very young children, smaller siblings might be best left at home. A borrowed almost 6 year old loved every single minute of this marvellous show.

5 Star Rating

Review by Marian Kennedy

Have you ever wondered what a dinosaur might do in a day?
Or what they actually really looked like?
What colour were they? Did they have stripes and spots?
Were they really green like they are in the movies?

Join five amazing musicians and famous palaeontologist Dr Jakob Vinther as they enter the multi-coloured world of the dinosaurs with soaring music, catchy songs and mind-blowing science.

11th May – 9th June 2024


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