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The Curious Rat at the Little Angel Theatre is a delightful show aimed at children aged between 3-8 years. Written by Chloe Stephens and Miles Mitchell, it is fun and funny, with an astute sense of what children in their target age group will find hilarious.

Ajjaz Awad and Miles Mitchell in The Curious Rat. Photo credit: Ellie Kurttz.
Ajjaz Awad and Miles Mitchell in The Curious Rat. Photo credit: Ellie Kurttz.

Lucien the little puppet rat, designed by Matt Hutchinson, who sets out on adventures in a big city is successfully vulnerable and endearing. Nothing to fear about this creature.  

The two performers, Ajjaz Awad and Miles Mitchell, are brilliant physical actors with Ajjaz developing an impressive back-and-forth repartee with the children in the audience. 

This is a lovely show, well-paced and not too long. It’s very enjoyable, including for accompanying grownups who may well hear some of the jokes recounted back to them at home for some time to come.

Highly recommended.

4 stars

Review by Marian Kennedy

A big adventure for a small city rat.

The Curious Rat tells the story of Lucien, a lonely city rat who watches the pigeons from his home under Waterloo Bridge and wishes he could join them in the sky. One day he spots the most amazing pigeon and takes his first brave steps to follow her into the lights of the big city…

Come with Lucien as he scampers across the bridge, dodging rain drops. He will meet a set of troublesome traffic lights, take a ride on a busy bus, dance at the carnival and even escape a flock of angry seagulls. On his adventure he will discover that he may not be a bird with wings, but that he has been given his own special things.

A poignant and poetic tale to inspire children and adults alike. Playfully combining puppetry and animated projection, this story encourages audiences to celebrate the things that make them unique.

Written by Chloe Stephens and Miles Mitchell
Performed by Ajjaz Awad and Miles Mitchell
Director: Chloe Stephens
Puppet Design and Puppetry Direction: Matt Hutchinson
Assistant Director: Juliet Jordan
Set and Costume Design: Helen Coyston
Music and Sound: Luke Thomas
Lighting Design: Aaron Dootson

The Curious Rat
A Little Angel Theatre and Page One Theatre co-production
Little Angel Studios, Sebbon Street, London N1 2EH
4 May – 21 July 2024

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