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The Language of Kindness – Wayward Productions | Review

A love letter to Nurses, The Language of Kindness is an eloquent, holistic response to the unrelenting life of a nurse. Sasha Milavic Davies and James Yeatman have delved into the mundane brutality that NHS workers face daily. This show is rare in its unquestionable excellence.

The Language of Kindness - Wayward ProductionsThis new adaptation of Christie Watson’s book of the same name is a snapshot into life as a nurse. The directors write fluidly, with dexterity and honesty about topics from unusual encounters to heart-breaking loss. Shifts go from the tragic to the comic and from the heart-warming to the soul-crushing. So many of the moments explored could have been botched and mishandled; luckily, this is not that play, and it delves into these topics with the care, affection and respect that makes this play an honour to watch.

The performers move in a cohesive masterclass in clowning, making for a natural, believable and powerful demonstration of life as a nurse. Standout performances come from Rina Fatania, who is excellent in her bumbling yet charming, Zanni-like intrepid search for joy.

Etta Fusi also shines, is deliberate and precise in her commedia based presentation of identity and struggle. The cast as a whole is excellent; individual characterisation and direct address solidify their characters in the mind of the audience.

Gareth Fry’s sound design is as phenomenal as ever, both nurturing the play while also driving the narrative on where needed.

I don’t give 5 stars much, but once in every while, a show comes around that I cannot deny its transcendent brilliance. This is complete theatre that hits every mark and reduced me to tears multiple times. I was floored by The Language of Kindness – it is a show to be revered.

5 Star Rating

Review by Tom Carter

The Language of Kindness brings to life the realities, the challenges, heartbreaks and incomparable joys of working for the NHS and supporting families as they face their best and worst moments. Wayward Productions has been developing the poignant new piece for two years and now face the challenge, with co-creators Sasha Milavic Davies and James Yeatman, of ensuring a socially distanced production: a bold ensemble piece about the tactile work of nurses where the company never touch.

The Language of Kindness
Performance Dates Thursday 20th May – Saturday 12th June 2021
Running time 1 hour 20 minutes

Based on The Language of Kindness by Christie Watson
Adapters and Directors Sasha Milavic Davies and James Yeatman
Set and Costume Design Zoë Hurwitz
Lighting Design Jess Bernberg
Sound Design Gareth Fry
Video Design Hayley Egan
Executive Producer Judith Dimant
Producer Philippa Barr
Assistant Producer Jessie Anand
Production Manager Niall Black

Tina Chiang
Etta Fusi
Rina Fatania
Janet Etuk
Keziah Joseph
Clive Mendus
Shoreditch Town Hall


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