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The Ruckus: Everyone’s Invited at Waltham Forest Town Hall

There’s something magical about the arrival of the circus. One minute, you have an empty square in front of the town hall, the next a tent appears with twinkling lights and the potential for anything to happen. This year, the tumbling fairies of The Revel Puck Circus have landed in Fellowship Square, Waltham Forest, with a Spiegeltent and a joyous celebration for all the family.

THE RUCKUS. Credit The Revel Puck Circus
THE RUCKUS. Credit The Revel Puck Circus

We’re welcomed by Frank, clipboard in hand, who is perhaps a little overeager to ensure that all the acts go off successfully. He manages to hamper himself by trying to navigate the space on rollerskates, or by getting mixed up in others’ performances. It’s classic clowning with a delightful twist, and Frank’s arc from uptight control freak to letting loose is the heart of the show.

And if he’s the heart, the show’s guts come from a series of impressive feats squeezed into a compact space, necessitating the whole company to work together. Helga’s strong woman act involves variously lifting other members of the cast, throwing kettlebells into the air and becoming a human swing carousel. There’s a hair-hanging display that has me gritting my teeth, a space-defying Cyr wheel performance that has an added zing of danger for those in the front row, beautiful aerial hoop, straps and trapeze work, contortion, hula hoops, body balloons and handstands. It’s a riot of family fun.

Revel Puck’s other show, The Wing Shuffle Spectacular, continues its tour in a big top, currently materialised in Victoria Park, Barnet. That’s a ‘bigger’ show, with ambitions to astound and captivate. The Ruckus is a more intimate affair, and I’m more charmed by it than wowed by performances beyond anything I’ve seen before.

You and your family will love it too, so head to the tent before it vanishes. I’m sure Frank has a list with your name on it.

4 stars

Review by Ben Ross

Having amazed audiences in London, Brighton, Edinburgh and Wales, The Revel Puck Circus are back and rearing to go with their fantastic folklore inspired family friendly show, THE RUCKUS: Everyone’s Invited! In partnership with Waltham Forest Council, the acclaimed East London circus company are back on their home turf, but this time in a shiny new Spiegeltent with a sensational new show! They are excited to welcome guests into the immersive world of the Revel Pucks this festive season.

THE RUCKUS: Everyone’s Invited!
Fellowship Square, Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest Road London E17 4JF
Thursday 14th December 2023 – Monday 1st January 2024

THE RUCKUS: Everyone’s Invited
Performance Dates Thursday 14th December 2023 – Monday 1st January 2024
Time Show times will vary depending on individual matinee and evening

Artistic Director Luke Hallgarten (he/him)
Production Manager Sorrelle Morris (she/her)
Producer Nix Pretlove (she/her)
Marketing Manager Daisy Minto (she/they)
Social Media @revelpucks

Running Time 2 hours, with a 20-minute interval
Location Fellowship Square, Walthamstow Town Hall, Forest Road. London E17 4JF


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