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Who Shot Wayne Sleep? by The Martini Encounter – Review

The Martini EncounterTwo ukuleles, a murder and lots of gin is what you’ll get when you enter into the lives of Binke and Maud in Who Shot Wayne Sleep?. The Martini Encounter presents a witty comedy made up of hilarious song remixes, farcical stories and cocktails galore. The duo, Binkie and Maud, put on a show to celebrate their former careers and what they considered was a successful life in showbiz. Featuring their pianist, the Amazing Colin, the three sang ludicrous songs as they shared their ridiculous personal life stories.

This burlesque style show had flashy outfits and gaudy make-up that made Maud and Binkie glimmer from the theatre life. Binkie’s facial expressions were absolutely hilarious; he was an amusing performer to watch as Maud sang her heart out with her powerful operatic voice. The only off-putting aspect of the show was Maud’s relationship with Colin in the beginning. Maud’s started out a little too harsh with Colin because at the time the audience still hadn’t warmed up to her. As the show went on, the issues between Maud and Colin’s relationship became a reoccurring joke. That was an interesting side story that filled the room with awkward silences. We all wished the best for poor unsuccessful Colin, so the audience proudly cheered as we watched him attempt to do one last magic trick.

For one hour, we were immersed into silly songs, the dramas of the stage careers and the dark secrets of an understudy’s life. This show could be deemed a popcorn kind of show—easy to watch and filled with laughter. To be on the same drunken level as Maud and Binkie, I suggest watching Who Shot Wayne Sleep? with a cocktail (or maybe two) in your hand.

4 stars

Review by Aly Chromy

A cacophony of song, ukuleles, spoon playing and gin. Enter the jaded and threadbare world of this flamboyant and funny trio who take us on a musical journey from Talking Heads to Kaiser Chiefs and Scissor Sisters via Bonnie Tyler all in vintage style.

Enter the jaded and threadbare world of Binkie and Maud.
Never refined but always eccentric, this naughty and flamboyant duo celebrate their former ‘careers’ in what could very loosely be described as ‘showbiz’.
Basking in a glorious, deluded and surprising cocktail of mischievous repartee and banging toons, they take us from Basingstoke to Basildon and Crawley to Cromer by way of Talking Heads and Queen via Scissor Sisters and Bonnie Tyler.
Accompanied by their ukuleles, they are joined by failed Magician ‘The Amazing Colin’ on the piano. Following sensationally squiffy appearances at the Edinburgh, Glastonbury and Latitude Festivals, this witty and wicked trio now take up their rightful place in the bowels of London’s South Bank.

Who Shot Wayne Sleep?
Cabaret. 22nd – 26th Feb 2017
Vault Festival


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