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Written off Theatre Presents Careless at the Hen and Chickens Theatre

Old friends and flatmates Bryony and Sam are planning a post-COVID housewarming/birthday party, but what should be an exciting, carefree night becomes the ultimate test of their friendship and their morals.

Written off Theatre Presents CarelessCareless, written and performed by Emma Francois (Sam) and Eva Tritschler (Bryony) is a sharp and witty play which explores the concept of what it is to care, both for our friends and for other people. Bryony, a struggling actor, cares too little, blaming her inability to get a job on her lack of past trauma. Sam on the other hand cares too much, working long shifts as a carer to pay the rent, and feeling the impacts of her job outside of her work. When they come together for a party, their differences are brought into sharp focus as we slowly get to delve deeper into their lives.

The show is very funny, with fast-paced jokes interspersed with serious subject matter. It can feel like the jokes are a little disjointed at times, jumping between multiple themes very quickly with little build-up. However, this was reflective of the somewhat jarring relationship between the two characters – they didn’t feel like they should go together. Whilst we are told these two people have a long-lasting friendship there is very little evidence of the deep connection they claim to have, which led to the friendship feeling a little forced at times.

As the play develops, the plot becomes slowly more serious and we are forced to question what we would do for our friends. The play was is its best when it is dealing with this theme as it allows for the two actors to take a more nuanced approach to their characters, and although the ending did little to resolve the plot, one thing is for sure, Bryony has finally found the trauma to propel her to new acting heights.

From here, this show is heading up to the Edinburgh Fringe and if you have a spare 45 minutes it is well worth a watch.

4 stars

Review by Emily Gami

An incisive new comedy.
The perfect way to start your night; grab a drink and join the girls.

Careless follows best friends: Sam, a Care Assistant, and Bryony, a struggling Actor. Their working days couldn’t be more different. It’s the night of Bryony’s 25th birthday. Over prosecco and killer dance moves, they are suddenly faced with truths neither of them can avoid. Careless examines the complexities of female friendship when worlds collide under the pressures of working in social care. Will their friendship survive the night?

Written Off Theatre was established in 2021 by Emma François and Eva Tritschler. Emma and Eva were brought up by NHS workers and have always believed in the value and importance of key workers. Consequently, both creatives wanted to focus on representing key worker voices in their writing. We can all agree it was a shame that it took a pandemic to acknowledge the dedication key workers give to the community.

10th – 11th July 2022
Hen & Chickens Theatre
109 St Paul’s Road
London N1 2NA

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