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Aunty Donna at King’s Theatre, Glasgow

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Hello, I am a Magical Dead Cat, the titular Magical Dead Cat from the very title of this very show. After a hugely successful tour of the antipodes, I the Magical Dead Cat have once again put the Aunty Donna boys to the test and have asked them to travel to the faraway lands of USA, Canada, UK & Ireland to perform their wonderfully riotous sketch comedy to the citizens of these countries for the first time in over 5 years.
Their new challenge? Entertain me with a 75ish minute live show, one that features all new sketches, but also a few fan favourites. It MUST include funny voices, incredible costumes and silly songs. If Aunty Donna succeeds in pleasing me with a rip-roarin’ show, I have promised to surprise them with a special, web slinging, mystery guest!
Come, sweet humans, and see if Broden, Zach and Mark are up for the task!
With loving grace,
The Magical Dead Cat.
Presented by Mick Perrin Worldwide Ltd

Aunty Donna at King's Theatre, Glasgow

Aunty Donna is at King's Theatre, Glasgow from Monday 11th September, 2023 to Tuesday 12th September, 2023.

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