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Beauty and the Beast – Relaxed Performance at Sunderland Empire

Tickets from £13.00

Join us for a Relaxed Performance of our beauty of a panto! The canniest panto in all the land has been given a beastly makeover, with a sparkling cast that’ll make you say ooh la la with excitement!

Why go and see it?
Relaxed Performances offer patrons an opportunity to enjoy the panto in a more relaxed and informal environment
From screen to stage, North East actress and star of Emmerdale and Ackley Bridge, Charlie Hardwick is set to sprinkle festive fairy dust over this year’s pantomime spectacular, Beauty and the Beast, in the role of Fairy Bon Bon, alongside Channel 5’s Milkshake! children’s TV favourite Olivia Birchenough as kind-hearted, bookworm Belle.

Beauty and the Beast – Relaxed Performance is at Sunderland Empire on Wednesday 27th December, 2023.

Joining them in this tale as old as time, and back by popular demand, is North East Queen of Comedy the fabulous Miss Rory (Boulevard) bringing the glamour as Rorina La Plonk and everyone’s favourite Wearside panto comic, the side-splittingly funny Tom Whalley as Louis La Plonk. Plus, West End star Samuel Wyn-Morris (Les Misérables) as the monstrous Beast.

Join Belle, The Beast, Fairy Bon Bon, Rorina La Plonk and her cheeky chappy son Louis La Plonk, alongside a whole host of larger than life characters, as they are transported to a cursed castle under the spell of an evil enchantress. Can the arrogant Hugo be defeated? Can Belle see beyond the Beast and fall in love with her captor? Will the Beast’s heart be melted by Belle’s beauty?

With laugh-out-loud comedy, sumptuous costumes, fabulous scenery, a thrilling transformation scene and an award winning script by Jon Monie (Winner Best Script – Great British Pantomime Awards) be our guest for a magical panto that’s not to be missed!

With lighting effects, loud noises and large crowds, stage shows can seem really overwhelming. At the Sunderland Empire, we believe everyone should be able to experience the magic of theatre.

Relaxed Performances provide the exact same production as a typical audience would enjoy, with an atmosphere and attitude in the auditorium that makes everyone feel safe and comfortable.

They are primarily designed for patrons who may be concerned about attending a theatrical performance or may find visiting the theatre daunting. They are informal performances that are designed to benefit patrons with additional needs, such as autism, ADHD, dementia, younger children or anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment.

Slight alterations are made to the performance, though the overall content will not change:

– Technical adjustments are made to lighting and sound. House lights are normally left on low and strobe lighting may be removed. Loud noises or explosions are either taken out entirely or reduced.

– Audience members are free to go in and out as needed, and late comers rules are relaxed.

– Making noise during the performance will not be discouraged.

– Staff are available to assist as required and quiet areas are provided for anyone who may become overwhelmed by the performance.

– Visual stories can be sent to audiences in advance.

– Pre-show familiarisation visits can be arranged.

Running Time: approx. 2 hours 30 minutes, including interval. (Please note running times are approximate and, due to the nature of live entertainment, may change)

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