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Brian Butterfield’s Call Of Now at New Theatre Oxford

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Brian Butterfield’s Call Of Now at New Theatre Oxford on Friday 21st June 2024. Showtime at 20:00
Age guidance: U16s accompanied by an adult 18+

Brian Butterfield’s Call of Now is a business seminar and live stage show presented by the enigmatic British comedian and businessman Brian Butterfield. Characterized by his eccentric personality and unconventional business insights, Butterfield shares his wealth of experience from decades spent working in various industries, from being a Lord Mayor’s croupier to a circus horse dentist.

The Call of Now seminar is a mix of comedy, business advice, and life lessons, designed to inspire and motivate audiences to seize the opportunities that present themselves. Butterfield’s unique blend of humor and wisdom has made him a popular speaker and performer, attracting audiences eager to learn from his unconventional approach to business and life.

Here are some of the key themes and concepts explored in Brian Butterfield’s Call of Now:

The importance of seizing the moment: Butterfield emphasizes the need to act decisively and not let opportunities slip away. He encourages his audience to be proactive and take charge of their lives and businesses.

The power of unconventional thinking: Butterfield challenges conventional wisdom and encourages his audience to think outside the box. He believes that by challenging the status quo, we can find new and innovative solutions to problems.

The importance of personal branding: Butterfield stresses the importance of establishing a strong personal brand. He believes that our brand is what sets us apart from the competition and can be a powerful tool for success.

The Call of Now is not a traditional business seminar; it is a unique and entertaining experience that challenges audiences to think differently and embrace unconventional approaches to business and life.

Butterfield’s charisma and humor make his message both engaging and memorable. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on business and life, then Brian Butterfield’s Call of Now is worth checking out.

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24-26 George St, Oxford OX1 2AG, UK

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