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Guz Khan at Theatre Royal Glasgow

Tickets from £24.10

Guz Khan Live at Theatre Royal Glasgow on Sunday 21st January 2024 at 19:00

By popular demand, Guz Khan adds more opportunities for you to see him on his kick-ass comedy tour!

Why go and see it?
This loveable, funny guy is known for bringing his big-screen persona and BAFTA-nominated hilarity to the stand-up stage. Guz Khan Live!

Guz is the creator and star of BBC’s Man Like Mobeen, alongside his appearances on Taskmaster (C4), The Last Leg (C4), Live at the Apollo (BBC), Would I Lie To You (BBC), QI (BBC), Four Weddings and A Funeral (Hulu), & movies Army of Thieves and The Bubble (Netflix), How To Date Billy Walsh (Amazon) and much more.

Sun at 19:00
Age guidance 16+

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282 Hope Street, Glasgow G2 3QA, UK

Guz Khan is a British comedian, actor, and impressionist. He is best known for his work on the TV show Man Like Mobeen, as well as his stand-up comedy.

In 2017, Khan created and starred in the TV show Man Like Mobeen, which is a comedy-drama about a young Muslim man living in Birmingham. The show was a critical and commercial success, and it won several awards, including the BAFTA TV Award for Best Scripted Comedy.

Khan has also appeared in several films, including Army of Thieves (2021) and The Bubble (2022). He is also a regular on the stand-up comedy circuit, and he has released two stand-up specials, Guz Khan: Live in Birmingham (2018) and Guz Khan: My First World Tour (2020).

Khan is known for his observational comedy, and his ability to make light of difficult subjects. He is also a talented impressionist, and he has been praised for his impressions of people such as Barack Obama, David Cameron, and Boris Johnson.

Khan is a popular and successful comedian, and he is one of the most prominent British Asian comedians working today. He is known for his relatable and funny comedy, and he is a role model for many young people.

Here are some of the things that make Guz Khan a good comedian:

  • He is relatable. Khan’s comedy is often based on his own experiences, and he is able to make light of difficult subjects in a way that makes people laugh.
  • He is funny. Khan has a sharp wit and a knack for finding the humor in everyday situations.
  • He is versatile. Khan is able to do stand-up, sketch comedy, and acting, and he is always willing to try new things.
  • He is authentic. Khan is not afraid to be himself, and he brings his own unique perspective to his comedy.

If you’re looking for a comedian who is funny, relatable, and authentic, then I highly recommend Guz Khan.

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