Jamaica Love Trafalgar Theatre Tickets

Jamaica Love Trafalgar Theatre Tickets

Tickets from £45.00


Jamaica Love at Trafalgar Theatre on Tuesday 28th November 2023 at 19:00.

Following sold-out shows at its premiere, Jamaica Love returns in a magical celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Windrush, the ship that brought hundreds of West Indian citizens to the UK.

This remarkable stage production brings together a fusion of dramatic talents, weaving an illuminating narrative that delves deep into the intricate tapestry of history between Britain and Jamaica, as well as the broader Caribbean.

Immerse yourself in the turbulent waters of national identity, resistance, and resilience, all brought to life with a captivating blend of humour and poignant storytelling. Jamaica Love unfolds before your eyes, offering an extraordinary musical time-capsule that resurrects the spirit of the Windrush generation.

Prepare to be moved to the very core as you find yourself irresistibly swaying to the rhythm of the Caribbean rhythms provided by the legendary John McLean with the enthralling Zaine Band and the magical harmonies of Celia Wickham-Anderson and G Vibes with a chorus of astounding voices that will transport you through the annals of Jamaica’s rich musical heritage, from the irresistible sway of ska to the soulful cadence of rock-steady and the intoxicating allure of reggae.

Behind the curtains, orchestrating this special production is the visionary Mervyn Roye Weir, an award-winning writer and artist renowned for his unique blend of poetry, performance, and visual arts. Together with an amazing cast that light up the stage with mesmerising performances: Allison Mason, Kamesha Francis, Nicole Dayes, Dominic Mcgrath, Nathaniel Thomas, and Jermaine Wong.

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