Oliver Twist at New Wimbledon Theatre Studio

Oliver Twist at New Wimbledon Theatre Studio

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Oliver Twist at New Wimbledon Theatre Studio from Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th October 2024.

Wed and Thu at 13:00
Sat at 14:45
Wed – Sat at 19:45

Oliver Twist is a classic novel by Charles Dickens that explores the themes of poverty, social injustice, and the resilience of the human spirit. The story revolves around Oliver, an orphaned child who is raised in a harsh workhouse and later sold into a life of crime. Oliver’s journey takes him through the dark underbelly of London, where he encounters a cast of memorable characters, both good and bad.

Oliver Twist is a social realist novel that exposes the harsh realities of life for the poor in 19th-century England. Dickens vividly describes the squalor of the workhouse, the cruelty of the workhouse master, and the exploitation of children. He also criticizes the harsh new Poor Laws, which were designed to punish the poor rather than help them.

Despite the hardships he faces, Oliver remains an innocent and compassionate boy. He is drawn to kindness and goodness, even in the midst of evil. This virtue leads him to escape the clutches of Fagin, a Jewish criminal mastermind, and find refuge with a kind-hearted family.

Oliver Twist is a powerful and moving story that has resonated with readers for generations. It is a timeless tale of resilience, hope, and the enduring power of human compassion.

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