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Patel’s Millions at The Alexandra, Birmingham

Tickets from £26.40

Patel’s Millions is a brand-new family musical with foot-tapping Bollywood songs, dazzling dances and laugh-out-loud comedy.

Mr. Patel (played by Parle Patel) is a struggling shopkeeper with big dreams. He desperately wants to give his family a better life and become the Ambani of England. Then one night his fortunes change – his life turns upside down after he becomes rich beyond his wildest dreams!

But as Patel’s riches grow, he gets more than he bargained for. Long lost relatives come out of the woodwork, his children begin to change and everyone wants to know the secret behind his new found wealth.

So grab your seats and join Mr. Patel in this hilarious rags-to-riches adventure!

Patel’s Millions is at The Alexandra, Birmingham on Friday 14th July, 2023.

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