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Rhod Gilbert & The Giant Grapefruit at Sunderland Empire

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Rhod Gilbert & The Giant Grapefruit live at Sunderland Empire on Friday 21st June 2024.

Multi-award-winning comedian Rhod Gilbert is bouncing back with a brand new live show, Rhod Gilbert & the Giant Grapefruit.

Rhod is embarking on a full UK & Ireland tour playing more than 90 dates, and running until October 2025.

Previously, Rhod was dealing with some pretty pungent life citrus, and an idiot called John. Little did he know that things were about to turn even more sour. But Rhod’s not bitter; he’s bouncing back and feeling remarkably zesty. Hilariously dark, passionate and way too personal, this is classic Gilbert, squeezing every last drop out of life’s latest curveballs… with a little help from an old adversary.

Darkly Hilarious. It’s good to have him back – THE TIMES
Hilarious Tour-De-Force – THE TELEGRAPH
Volcanic, high-octane humour – THE GUARDIAN
Without a doubt one of the best comedians anywhere in the world – TIME OUT

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Rhod Gilbert is a Welsh comedian known for his unique and irreverent style. He is often praised for his observational humour, his ability to tell stories, and his willingness to tackle difficult subjects.

Gilbert’s unique content is often characterized by its honesty, vulnerability, and self-awareness. He is not afraid to talk about his own personal struggles, such as his battle with cancer, and he often uses his comedy to explore complex themes such as death, loss, and identity.

One of the things that makes Gilbert’s content so unique is his use of language. He is a master of the unexpected turn of phrase and the clever analogy. He is also not afraid to use profanity, which he often uses to great comedic effect.

Gilbert’s unique content is also evident in his choice of topics. He is interested in a wide range of subjects, from the mundane to the profound, and he is always finding new ways to talk about them in a funny and thought-provoking way.

In his stand-up routine, Gilbert talks about his experience with cancer in a way that is both honest and humorous. He shares stories about his treatment, his recovery, and the impact that the disease has had on his life.

In his TV show “Growing Pains,” Gilbert interviews celebrities about their teenage years. He asks them about their most embarrassing moments, their first crushes, and their biggest regrets. The show is funny and heartwarming, and it provides a unique glimpse into the lives of these celebrities.

In his book “The Book of John,” Gilbert writes about his relationship with his father, who died when he was a child. The book is a moving and funny memoir that explores themes of grief, loss, and family.

Rhod Gilbert is a unique and talented comedian. His content is honest, vulnerable, and thought-provoking. He is not afraid to tackle difficult subjects or to use language in new and unexpected ways. Gilbert is a true original, and his unique content is one of the things that makes him so special.

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