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Romesh Ranganathan: Hustle at Swansea Arena

Tickets from £34.35

Theatre: Swansea Arena

After a sell-out tour in 2022, Romesh is back with a brand-new show examining the human condition. Are people inherently good? Is charity always a positive thing? Is hustling the key to success? Or is all this a load of rubbish we’ve made up to keep people working hard for no reason?

Why go and see it?
Romesh is best known for The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, The Ranganation, Rob & Romesh Vs, A League of Their Own, The Weakest Link and his BBC Sounds and Radio 2 show For The Love of Hip Hop.
Join Romesh as he examines all of these issues and more, while providing no real answers.

Romesh Ranganathan: Hustle is at Swansea Arena on Thursday 21st March, 2024.

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