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Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox at Princess Theatre, Torquay

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“If we’ve learned anything from ten years of touring the world, it’s that great music has the ability to transcend time and space in a way that is best described as ‘magic,” says Postmodern Jukebox creator and show director, Scott Bradlee. “In fact, all of us likely have a song or two that instantly transports us to another place. Our ‘Moonlight & Magic’ World Tour is meant to celebrate this phenomenon through breathtaking live performances that will be remembered long after the curtain falls.”

Concertgoers can expect to enter a parallel musical universe where modern-day earworms and iconic pop hits alike are reimagined in classic genres like 1920s jazz, Swing, Doo-wop and Motown, and brought to life by a cast of some of the world’s best singers, dancers, and instrumentalists. Think “The Great Gatsby” meets “Sinatra at the Sands” meets “Back! …To The Future”.

When Bradlee started making YouTube videos that remade the hits of today in the classic styles of yesterday, a “viral” success story was born —one that quickly led to sold out shows across North America and Europe in the Summer of 2014.

The touring act received rave reviews from industry publications and world-renowned artists alike. In the years that followed, “PMJ” built a reputation as the “Saturday Night Live of singers” by introducing audiences to dozens of exceptional musical artists and turning them into bonafide stars.

Ten years and two billion views on their YouTube channel later, a Postmodern Jukebox show has become something of an annual musical tradition for hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans, all over the world. The rare concert act that appeals across generations, older audience members will fall in love with the timeless sounds and nostalgic sensibilities, while younger fans will be thrilled by the fresh take on current pop culture and the sheer virtuosity of the performers on stage. Dress vintage, for the full effect!

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox

Venue: Princess Theatre, Torquay

Tickets from £0

Performance(s): Thu 8 May 2025

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