Sleuth at Princess Theatre, Torquay

Sleuth at Princess Theatre, Torquay

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Sleuth at Princess Theatre, Torquay from Monday 19th February to Saturday 24th February 2024.

This show has an interval
Mon – Sat at 19:30
Wed and Sat at 14:30

Sleuth is a 1970 play by Anthony Shaffer. It is a two-hander mystery thriller set in the country home of Andrew Wyke, a successful mystery writer. Wyke invites his wife’s lover, Milo Tindle, to the house and proposes a strange game: to stage a fake robbery of Wyke’s wife’s jewelry. Tindle is initially reluctant, but Wyke convinces him that it will be a fun and harmless way to get revenge on his wife.

However, the game quickly turns deadly, and the two men become embroiled in a complex and suspenseful psychological battle. Wyke is a master of deception, and Tindle is no match for his cunning. As the play progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell who is telling the truth and who is lying.

Sleuth is a tightly plotted and suspenseful play that keeps the audience guessing until the very end. It is also a meditation on the nature of reality and the power of deception.

The play has been adapted into two films: a 1972 version starring Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine, and a 2007 version starring Michael Caine and Jude Law.

Here are some themes that are explored in the play:

Deception and illusion
The nature of reality
The power of games
The psychology of crime and punishment
The relationship between art and life
Sleuth is a classic mystery thriller that is sure to keep you entertained and guessing until the very end.

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