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Buy Tickets for The 39 Steps at The Alexandra, Birmingham

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Alfred Hitchcock’s classic spy thriller, “The 39 Steps,” adapted by Patrick Barlow, is brilliantly and hilariously recreated for the stage as the smash-hit Olivier and Tony Award-winning comedy. After nearly 10 years in London’s West End, it’s back out on a UK tour, having taken Broadway by storm, playing in 39 different countries, and delighting over 3 million people worldwide with its quintessentially plucky spirit and dashing sense of fun.

Follow the incredible adventures of our handsome hero, Richard Hannay, complete with stiff-upper-lip, British gung-ho, and pencil moustache, as he encounters dastardly murders, double-crossing secret agents, and, of course, devastatingly beautiful women.

This wonderfully inventive and gripping comedy thriller features four fearless actors playing 139 roles in 100 minutes of fast-paced fun and thrilling action.

Book tickets for The 39 Steps at The Alexandra, Birmingham from Tuesday 4th June to Saturday 8th June 2024.

Tue – Sat at 19:30
Wed and Sat at 14:30

The 39 Steps Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the 39 Steps stage production about?
A: “The 39 Steps” is a fast-paced, comedic thriller based on the 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name. It tells the story of Richard Hannay, an ordinary man who becomes embroiled in a web of espionage after meeting a mysterious woman named Annabella Smith. Hannay is soon on the run from both the police and the bad guys as he races to uncover the truth about the 39 Steps, a secret plot to steal British military secrets.

Q: What makes the 39 Steps stage production so unique?
A: One of the things that makes “The 39 Steps” stage production so unique is that it is performed by just four actors, who play all 150 characters in the play. This requires a great deal of skill and versatility from the actors, and it also adds to the humor and excitement of the show.

Another unique aspect of the production is its use of minimalism. The set is very simple, and the actors use props and their own bodies to create the illusion of different locations and characters. This allows the audience to use their imagination and become more involved in the story.

Q: What can audiences expect from the 39 Steps stage production?
A: Audiences can expect a night of thrilling entertainment. The show is full of humor, suspense, and excitement. The actors are incredibly talented and energetic, bringing the story to life in a way that is both funny and engaging.

Q: What are some of the challenges of performing in the 39 Steps stage production?
A: One of the biggest challenges is the sheer number of characters that each actor has to play. This requires a great deal of memorization and concentration, as well as the ability to switch between characters quickly and easily. Another challenge is the physical demands of the show. The actors are constantly on the move, performing a variety of stunts, including running, jumping, and climbing.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about seeing the 39 Steps stage production?
A: I would highly recommend “The 39 Steps” stage production to anyone who enjoys a good thriller or comedy. The show is fun, exciting, and well-performed. It is also a great way to introduce people to theater who may not have seen a live show before. Be prepared to laugh, as the show is very funny, and come with an open mind to enjoy this unique and unconventional production.

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