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Theatre Tour The Alexandra, Birmingham Tickets

Tickets from £7.00

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go backstage at The Alex? Why not book one of our backstage theatre tours? Each tour will give you a unique insight into one of the most historic theatres in the West Midlands.

See the dressing rooms that have housed the stars, visit the backstage areas that are the workhouse of theatre life and finally step onstage at The Alex and in doing so join with some of the greats of theatre*.

*Access to the stage is not always possible due to visiting company policy. Please note that the tour covers all parts of the theatre and this includes many stairs. The use of photography or video recording is not permitted on the tour.

Theatre Tour
Venue: The Alexandra, Birmingham
Tickets from £7
Sat 8 Jun, Sat 6 Jul, Sat 14 Sep, Sat 26 Oct and Sat 14 Dec 2024

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