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Alfie Boe’s top 5 singing tips

Alfie Boe TrustTalking with the Daily Telegraph Alfie Boe gave his top 5 tips to improve your singing.

1. Practice your breathing – because fundamentally that is where it all starts
2. Practice your scales with vocal exercises
3. The most important for Alfie Boe is “to get plenty of rest” – if your body is tired then your voice will be tired.
4. You have to watch what you eat and drink – don’t over indulge and don’t eat too much spicy food as this can cause ‘acid reflux’.
5. Don’t smoke

To coincide with the release of his new album, Trust, Alfie Boe shares his five top tips for looking after your voice and improving your singing.

Alfie Boe’s album, Trust, explores musical genres that are quite different from his previous work in operas and musical theatre: country, folk, gospel and blues standards. He is also moving away from musical theatre, as he gets ready to make his non-musical acting debut in ITV period drama Mr Selfridge.

A veteran of opera, classical music and popular songs, Alfie Boe reveals his top tips for improving your singing



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